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Why is my skin still so dry?

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  • Why is my skin still so dry?

    I've been plagued with dry skin my entire life. Eczema every winter, etc. To the point of having to use prescription lotions daily when I was a kid.

    Moving to the northeast from the southwest helped because of the humidity, but my skin is still chronically dry.

    I thought for sure switching to primal eating would help - all that fat has got to do something for the skin, right? I drink my water every day, etc.

    If anything, I feel like my skin might even be more dry than it was before PB.

    I was using Aveeno oatmeal lotion, then when that stopped being enough I went to pure almond oil, and now jojoba oil, all without success. I also switched to an organic homemade cleansing bar with the first 3 ingredients being various oils. I still have dry patches all over and they are already starting to itch. If I don't get this under control I'll have full blown eczema again pretty soon! Also, my keratosis pilaris has started to come back.

    Any suggestions of what might help?

    ETA: I've been primal for about 6 months.

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    I found a huge improvement in my dry skin when I quit using soap all together. I used to have to put lotion on immediately after bathing or begin to suffer. Now I only moisturize with a natural oil once every week or two. It has been so liberating.
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      do you eat a lot of fruit?
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        How often are you showering? Bathing too much can be irritating for eczema. I find I have to be very careful with skin products too--anything with urea can cause a reaction for me, and it is often used in medical-type moisturizers. Also check for lanolin as some people are sensitive to it too.
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          Harrass me on this question tomorrow. I used to have the most freakishly dry skin and have some info to offer. Just got done making dinner for 8, house is clean, have to change my clothes as everyone is showing up in 15.....


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            I have nothing really to add of any worth, but this is one improvement I've seen so far with this style of eating. I didn't notice it myself, being a dude and all, but my wife has commented on it more than once and that made me take notice. My skin is almost to the point that it feels like it has a layer of something slick on it and I apply nothing after my daily shower.

            I hope you find a solution soon!
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              Do you eat dairy? Eczema can be related to food intolerance. I know several people who control their eczema with a combination of vitamin D and elimination of dairy.
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                You could just be stuck with dry happens. Sorry I have nothing else to add, my wife has it and diet doesn't seem to effect it.
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                  Thanks everyone for your responses. I eat a bit of fruit, but only occasionally. Same thing with dairy. Way less than I used to but my skin is still more dry than it has been.

                  I shower the same amount as always, too (4-5 times per week) and actually use fewer chemicals than I have in the past.

                  That's what's driving me crazy is that now I'm being so careful about what I put in my body and what I use on my body and it's getting worse instead of better. What else am I missing???


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                    There must be something causing this. A lot of the time eczema and dry skin is dietary related. For short term relief I would recommend coconut oil to moisturise your skin, but I would try eliminating all dairy, eggs and possible allergens from your diet for at least a month.


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                      Some people lack the enzyme needed to convert omega 6 to GLA and this can be an underlying cause of eczema. GLA supplements (borage, primrose or black currant seed oils) can be helpful for some, though large doses are usually needed.
                      You could get a essential fatty acid work-up to see if this is the case for you.


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                        My wife's solution is to shower once a week, just spot cleaning problem areas several times a week. Too many showers dries out her already dry skin. Then several times a week she rubs Grapeseed Oil all over her dry areas of skin. IMO, Grapeseed Oil is a miracle product for the skin.

                        I used to have cracked, dry scaly stinkin AWFUL feet. About 6 months ago I started rubbing Grapeseed Oil on my feet every morning, and the results are a miracle. I now have feet like a baby.

                        Do a google search on Grapeseed Oil Benefits for MUCH more.

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                          It might be candida die-off. I experienced dry, itchy, scaly patches on my face (mostly forehead and temples) earlier in the year. Went to two dermatologists, had a back allergy skin patch test done, the works. Was basically diagnosed with eczema. I've had mild allergies throughout my life, but not really the things strongly associated with adult eczema, like asthma, having eczema as a child. Believe me, I was sooo frustrated!! At that time, I had reverted back to being primal (after a few months of being off the wagon, sigh) and was eating better than I have ever eaten. I was not consuming much fruit at all, or that much dairy. I ended up using the prescribed steroidal creams, because I was starting to get concerned that it was not clearing up, and I was getting married in a few months. Anyway, it ended up clearing up completely in a few weeks, and I wasn't really using the creams all that much. What also seemed to help it is using an anti-fungal cream, which I recommend maybe you trying. I know it sounds gross, but yeast basically lives on the surface of everyone's skin, and something is either causing to die off or to prosper (this is not likely since they feed on sugars, and you are restricting them).
                          Of course, this could totally not be the case with you. In general, I agree with advise to stop using all soaps/cleansers on your face. These days, I wash my face in the shower with water, and use a toner a few times a week when it starts to feel dirty. My skin has been looking great, though it visibly gets worse when I consume even small amounts of sugar, red wine, fermented things.
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                            Here is a link to a lecture by Dr. Michael Holick. Towards the end he talks about vitamin d being used to treat eczeman.



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                              Stop using creams and lotions. They aren't always as wonderful as you think. Strange things in them sometimes. Also, your body will shut down producing oils that it doesn't need. Best example in mind right now----using chapstick to combat chapped lips leads to chapped lips unless you continue to use chapstick.

                              Other advice I have---for what it is worth---maintain hydration. Drink water. Don't wait until you are thirsty because you are always thirsty.

                              If you 'need' some sort of emollient, use natural oils. Coconut oil, almond oil, even olive oil. Try a little before you slather it on.
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