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Have you done anything to make your commute more primal?

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  • Have you done anything to make your commute more primal?

    This morning I noticed that lately, I've been favoring a back route to drive to work. It takes a bit longer... but it goes through a lot of green space on one-lane roads. I can open the windows, cruise along slowly, and enjoy the breeze instead of dealing with stop-and-go traffic on the highway.

    Of course driving in a car to commute is not as primal as -- say -- walking or biking to work might be, but I think this route is still an attempt to optimize the time spent commuting in a sort of primal way. It's certainly more pleasant and more foresty than it would otherwise be.

    Have you made any changes to your commute that jive with the primal approach to life in general?
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    In less than a week, I won't have a commute anymore. Granted, that wasn't by choice, but hey, it's slightly more primal. As of now, I have my choice of take the freeway, take the highway, take the highway, or take the service road for any of those 3.
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      I've already been walking/biking pretty much everywhere. Now that my car decided to die, you can say my commute is 100% primal.
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        I don't have a job, so I don't exactly have a commute. But I've been recently biking more often... I just wish more places had bike racks. I'm really paranoid that someone is going to steal my bike if it's not locked up.


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          I walk pretty much everywhere. I feel very, very fortunate to have a job within walking distance of my house (for years I had the commute from hell). It takes about 30 minutes each way. It makes the whole "move slowly" part of Primal fitness that much easier. I find that if I take the trolley instead of walking, I have too much nervous energy during the day, and have to go out and walk around during lunch or run up and down the office stairs to make it through the afternoon. It isn't all that "nature-y" since I live in a city, but at least I'm in the part that has trees! And I get to interact with plenty of animals, like poorly behaved but friendly dogs, crazy flocks of sparrows, and fearless (and fat) urban squirrels.

          Anyway, enjoy the scenic route! I know that being in nature has a superb effect on my mental state.
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            Oh my, niaidknight... condolences... hope you can make the most of the time at least!

            Chaohinon, heh, I guess that would do it. Glad you're able to do it without the car at least.

            trobi, I'd be paranoid like that too (mainly because I've had bikes stolen before)... Are there rules in your area against chaining the bike up to non-racks?

            theholla, interesting. Sounds like the walk really helps your day, city or no. And will do!
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              I'd recently changed my commute such that I go through a large wooded reservation for a decent part of my commute. It adds a little time to my commute, but I've found it very therapeutic. Sometimes I stop in the picnic area and get my daily sunshine before resuming my commute. I've liked the change a lot.


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                i used to be super lazy and get the bus up the road (15 mnins walk!) as i hated getting to work out of breath and a little sweaty. but then realised that was doing me good and i really had to persevere with it!
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                  We've started listening to books on CD during our half hour drive to and from work.
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                    I drive through our river valley on my commute (much of the valley is set aside as parks and wild spaces), and the ever-changing view of nature helps ground me for the day. I could go another route that might be slightly quicker, but it would be a lot less enjoyable.
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                      Setabas -- sounds great! I haven't considered stopping along the way to smell the roses, but I should keep an eye out for nice pull-offs or parks on my new route.

                      queen_sheba -- At least you still have the bus as an option for when the weather is really oppressive, when you have to carry too much, etc. Sounds like the walk is working for you though. Do you do anything special to freshen up once you get to the office? I have a washcloth and some 40% rubbing alcohol face scrub at work that really helps in that regard.

                      Sassy -- Nice. I keep meaning to listen to more books, but never seem to get around to it...

                      Owly -- that sounds like a GREAT route. River + valley = even better than mere trees.
                      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                        3-5 times a week, i bike 6-7 miles each way to and from school....i still drive to work, though.
                        mostly, this is a money saving device, haha


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                          Instead of blasting music all of the time (which I still do quite often!), I've been taking some time to turn the music off and practice focusing on my breath.
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                            I've been listening to Robb Wolf's podcasts, and sometimes I catch up on health/nutrition/paleo blogs on my phone, but too much reading on the bus makes me nauseous.

                            Sometimes I'll purposely walk 15 minutes or so to a far away bus stop, or take a bus that leaves me 15 minutes away from home, so I can get a little extra walking in.
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                              I've been hitting Robb's podcasts pretty hard lately as well. I just heard about him in another thread related to his book and I've listened to his first 9 podcasts in the last week (my commute is too long).

                              I've also been dabbling in a little classical music via Sirius/XM. They have a beginners version of classics that isn't too heavy.