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10-week carb flu?

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  • 10-week carb flu?

    I've been rolling along nicely on Primal since July and the last few days I feel like the wheels have come off. I'm tired, itchy, skin is broken out, and I feel like I'm getting the first yeast infection in decades. I've been pretty PB compliant, and taking my D, Magnesium, fish oil, probiotics, etc. The only new addition is digestive enzymes. Can another 2nd, or even 3rd adjustment happen months into the diet change?

    A thousand thanks for any ideas!

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    I'm beginning to think SOMETHING happens at about this point. I replied to a post a couple of days ago from someone feeling suddenly hungry after 9 weeks on the program. I was feeling suddenly hungry (and just not quite right) after almost 9 weeks. We were told "EAT MORE" which felt right at the time. But I listened more to my body yesterday as I ate. It wasn't that I was hungry, it was that I was yearning something. It's the same sort of feeling I've had the couple of times I've tried to go vegetarian...I'm eating enough to feel completely satisfied, except I'm not.

    I realize this isn't the same thing as the physical manifestations you report, but the combination makes me wonder if this is a point when the body says "this isn't just a SEASONAL thing, this feels more permanent, better shift something."

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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      You could be getting candida die off.


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        Yes, thank you, I wondered if die-off might be happening since so many symptoms showed up at once. Maybe the extra support of the enzymes helped to clear out more stuff.


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          Yea sounds like die off symptoms. You have to give it time, and rest up. Listen to your body, doing more is def not better. Check this site out for LOTS of useful info: