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  • Tmj


    Has anybody had or have TMJ. I believe its a result of getting punched in the jaw in boxing about 3.5 years ago. My jaw didnt feel right after that. I do grind my teeth at night but I wear a nightguard which helps alleviate some of the problems. However, my jaw still locks and its pretty uncomfortable now. When I open my jaw, it feels that it slides to the left which seems to me indicates that I have a slightly dislocated jaw.

    Currently, i'm teaching in Thailand and I havent been able to stay completely primal. Although I do eat healthier than I did before I went primal in December. From December-March my health was phenomenal. Virtually no TMJ problems which is quite odd considering I chewed alot of tough foods which seems to be a no-no for people dealing with TMJ problems.

    Any ideas of what to do? How to treat TMJ? I've heard supplementing with magnesium has provided alot of relief for people and I am also looking into massage treatments but dont really want to put down that much money on something that may or may not work.


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    I have had TMJ for pretty much my whole life. Magnesium supplementing has helped in general, and if I have a particularly tight locking situation, I apply heat to my jaw sockets to help them relax. You can easily make a rice sock to use for this. Also, don't chew gum or bite your fingernails.
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      i have tmj also. i used to be on all kinds of medicines for it - anti anxiety (to help with clenching and grinding), muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. i went to physical therapy and have a night guard as well. the night guard helped at first, but it was only temporarily. i only wear it now to keep from wearing my teeth down any further. before i went primal i got off of all the medications and have been dealing with it since then. switching jobs to a less stressful job has helped a boat load. i don't take any medication at all now. i do supplement with magnesium, but i can't say that i've noticed a difference. if i start to feel it tightening up i try to stretch it or massage the area. i have noticed dramatically fewer headaches and migraines since being primal, just have tightness in my jaw now.
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        I had pretty bad TMJ - but now I go to a physical therapist for it. Usually about 4-5 sessions once or twice a year. She does a face massage and massages the muscles inside my mouth and on my cheeks. She also taught me how to do them myself to keep things in pretty good shape after we are done. If you can find someone who is trained in it, I highly recommend it. All my headaches went away and I rarely have any pain from it now. I still don't eat jerky though
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          My husband has TMJ and I've read a lot on it. A lot of times TMJ is caused by stress, but it sounds like for you it was caused by injury, which can mess up your muscular-skeletal system. The mouth splint isn't a going to cure you, but it does help keep you from grinding your teeth away. Basically, your jaw got out of alignment and your teeth are trying to find a way back to the right alignment by grinding.

          I second the suggestions for physical therapy and also a medical message therapist that can message those tendons and trigger points that have developed. That's the main therapy that I think would actually get results!

          The other thing I would mention is that TMJ is very much related to posture and how you hold your head, neck, and shoulders. You might want to check out the post by Mark on posture and the book he recommended by Esther Gokhale 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back--basically it's a book on posture and would probably hlep you out a lot.