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Two days ago I had a piece of pizza...

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  • Two days ago I had a piece of pizza...

    and my allergies are still bothering me today!... runny nose, itchy eyes, sinuses...

    definitely not worth it.

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    I was wondering why you were confessing to a 20% here, but wow, sounds like you're sure it's the pizza and not something else? Fall's here after all...
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      Maybe it's not the pizza. Unless you have a history that pizza gives you similar symptoms, else it could be something you ate but you are unaware of. Anything that you drink that might be THE cause?
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        Son of grok primal pizza


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          i had a few small pieces of pizza last night too!

          it was okay...felt every so slightly again for a long time!
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            Originally posted by shemdogg View Post
            Son of grok primal pizza
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              Had the same reaction to an apple tart a couple of weeks ago. For me it was the wheat. Could you have reacted to the pizza crust? It did take 4 or 5 days for this to go away for me, so be patient. And be happy -- there's power in knowing what affects you so that you can avoid it!


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                I had a flapjack at about 5 this morning - NEVER, EVER, EVER again! Reminded me why I gave up oats! Felt like TFS all sodding day!
                La tristesse durera toujours...


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                  If I eat wheat now I get the same symptoms as you. For years I ate wheat and didn't get the sinus problems, sneezing, runny eyes etc. Seems that sometimes allergy symptoms don't show up unless you've mostly cut the allergenic food out of your diet.