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Celebration of healthier "emotional" eating

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  • Celebration of healthier "emotional" eating

    From how I understand it, the primal lifestyle embraces basing your eating off feelings in a way. Avoid foods that result in feeling bloated etc. Eat only when you feel hungry etc. We all note the medicinal properties of certain foods. So, while I know many of you have conquered emotional eating, I don't feel bad about occasionally departing from ideal macros when I'm having a down day.

    Today was one of those days. I felt discouraged about everything--graduate studies, being a step-mom, lack of progress in the gym, etc. Suffice to say, I needed some "me" time. So, I read a novel and didn't look at the clock for hours. I ate when I was hungry for what I was hungry for and didn't care at all. Of course, when I finished the novel and "me" time ended, the real world came crashing back and I went "oh crap, I'm teaching class in three days, and I still have homework to do, and I was supposed to grocery shopping and....what the hell have I eaten?"

    But then I sat back, thought about it, and smiled because while my macros probably weren't ideal they were still pretty darn good!

    Today I ate the following:
    1 small slice grain free cranberry almond "bread"
    Greek yogurt with a mashed banana, some almond butter, and walnuts crumbled on top
    Sour kraut
    Cold leftover steak x 2
    Blueberries with some heavy cream
    A chunk of cheddar cheese

    Prior to pb, when I had days like this I probably would have been eating brownies and feeling miserable for myself :P But really, all I did was eat more fruit and fewer veggies than normal, haha. I am so pleased right now

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    I'm pretty new to Primal, but I don't see how anything that you mentioned was off bass in the way of eating we do. Fruit isn't forbidden, nor is cheese. Just make sure it's aged cheese like cheddar, swiss etc.... I think you did ok.


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      Thanks afsjesse--that's kind of my point Even when I was pouting and eating what I wanted, I still roughly followed the PB. Strictly speaking, dairy is in the grey area (so greek yogurt might not have been best) and I'm sure Mark wouldn't recommend two large bananas in one day, but overall I did fine. And that's amazing considering how I felt! haha


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        I've done the same -- would have eaten real bad food before when I was having one of those days. Now, yeah, maybe I over indulge with the sweets, but that's sweets as in berries, not sweets as in donuts. It's one of the things that makes this a lifestyle, not a diet. Good luck to you and I hope that you're feeling better!
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