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Day 17 on the Primal Lifestyle feeling rundown.

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  • Day 17 on the Primal Lifestyle feeling rundown.

    Hey everyone, so I've been living Primal for 17 days now, and one thing I've noticed along with some very nice weight loss, is I'm really tired. I'm wondering if this is a common assurance from purging all stimulants from your system, I use to be a huge soda drinker and sugar fiend. I still have a cup of coffee in the morning which helps a bit, but around 2:00 in the afternoon I'm dead tired, and by 8:00 I'm ready for bed.
    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this when starting the diet and if you have any suggestions on adding a little pep or if this will eventually subside. Thanks

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    Completely normal, we refer to it as the "carb flu". Your body is adjusting from using the energy from the carbs you intake to using fat, hang in there!