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What's your hba1c?

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  • What's your hba1c?

    I admit it, I'm a bit obsessed. I read a few years back about the hba1c test - which is bascially a long-term bloody sugar test. It measures 'glycosolated' haemoglobin - in other words, how much glucose has attached itself to red blood cells over (about) the previous 3 months. So it's a pretty good measure of your ongoing glucose metabolism. A high hba1c also seems to be correlated with rate of heart attack.

    So I was a bit concerned to see that my latest one (after 6 months primal) was 5.4% when a year previously it was 5.1%.

    This website:
    puts the normal range at 3.5% - 5.5% !!!

    So I'm kind of interested what other PBers a1c values are, and whether anyone has had success in deliberately reducing theirs. (I've started heavy weights in the last few months in an effort to improve mine).
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  • #2 im curious what mine is lol
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      My last result was 5.2. Down from a high of 8.3 (last December).
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        Here are mine:

        2 months pre-Primal - 7.8
        1 month post-Primal - 5.9

        My next test is mid-October. My HbA1c was often in the 9 - 11 range in the last few years, often because I could not afford my meds without insurance (unemployed for 8 months one stretch, 9 months another). Now, I have discontinued or drastically cut back most of my diabetes medications after kicking carbs to the curb! My goal is to get into the 4's by next summer.


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          Mine is 5.4 at last check (six months ago) which is significantly better than 8.1, which is what it was a little over a year ago when I first started Primal. Anything under 6.0 is decent. Relax; 5.4 is fine.
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