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Need Online Resources to Recommend to my Professor

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  • Need Online Resources to Recommend to my Professor

    My A&P professor also teaches nutrition at my college. Recently, I sent her some information that refuted a CW comment that she made in class and I got a really good response from her. Wanting to see what her response was before I overloaded her with info, I stuck to the specific comment that she'd made and offered to send her more information if she was interested. She is, and now I'd like to ask you all if you have any suggestions for good resources online that are on par with say...Dr. Eades's blog, or Evolutionary Psychiatry. I have a few others that I'm going to send to her, but I wanted to see if there were some other good ones. There are so many and I've been trying to keep my blog roll down in the interest of not getting sucked into the internets when I should be studying.

    So far I've got, Dr. Eades, Evolutionary Psychiatry, Tom Naughton's Fat Head blog (and I'm hopefully going to give her a copy of the movie), I'm going to suggest Good Calories, Bad Calories.

    What do you suggest?

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    Be careful....I kept talking to the A&P teacher after the female reproductive anatomy session about things that weren't explained right, and eventually she said (nicely, thank goodness!) "Would YOU like to teach this part?" So I did, for the following 18 months

    I don't know enough about primal research yet to give any advice on that, though.

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      You might check out the Weston A Price Foundation site:


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        This site: has a list of Paleoblogs about 1/2-way down the page on the right. There was a post recently that had a ton of sites but I couldn't locate it with a cursory search.
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          Chris Masterjohn is pretty smart:

          Personally, I love Denise Minger's destruction of the China Study, if only because it demonstrates how authoritative bad research can be:

          Peter is really smart too:
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            Dr. William Davis' Heart Scan Blog

            A wealth of information.


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              Here are the links you need:



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                Here is the MDA version. However Mark may not be as acceptable of an authority as is Cardiologist Dr. William Davis:

                When I first came to MDA, I wrote him off as a Quack trying to peddle books. It took Dr. Davis to convince me that grains were such a horrible hazard to our health.

                I have more equally impressive links on High Fructose Corn Syrup & on Hydrogenated Oils. Let me know if you want them.

                Best to you,


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                  PaNu's recommended blogroll is an awesome list--I'd esp. include hyperlipid and whole health source as resources. (Make sure to share as well!)

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                    Low Carb Daily Website

                    Try aggregator website "Low Carb Daily" at Although not strictly paleo, they have a multitude of contributor sites that they monitor and they provide a daily preview of recent new blog publications.


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                      Thank you all for your suggestions. I put together a list and sent it to her. Hopefully, this will spark some dialog between her and I throughout the rest of the semester.