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Where to eat in Boston and Washington DC ???

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  • Where to eat in Boston and Washington DC ???

    I was just wondering if anyone knew good places to eat as close to primal as possible in Boston and Washington DC. I am visiting Harvard in October on a college trip and then Washington DC a couple of weeks later. i am staying in youth hostels, which only serve breakfast (most probably not a primal breakfast). I live in England, never been to the US after watching movies and reading nutritional articles i have a bad image when it comes to food in the US.

    Thanks very much !

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    I was in DC last month. We didn't get a lot of time to travel around and eat though. We ate at Union Station. Lots of restaurants there. Check out the Greek place for kababs. There are sushi places too. Wish I was more help!


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      What price range? I'm from Boston and eat out in Harvard Square every now and then, so maybe I can help! Fire + Ice is the first thing that comes to mind; cheesy concept, but lots and lots of meat! Personally, I like 9 Tastes Thai restaurant; I just swap the rice for more veggies and I'm good to go for a lot of the meals there. Wagammama also has a couple of pretty good salads with meats/fish.

      If you want suggestions for places in Boston itself, let me know!
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        Soulfire in allston across the river from harvard awesome BBQ place they should have a website