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    I do weigh myself as I have excess fat to lose and I know I will lose fat and gain muscle, but not is a ratio as to totally stop the scale from moving over time. I usually weigh everyday, but recently decided to take a few days between. Which is good because apparently my thyroid is a bit off again, which means no decrease in teh scale until my meds are adjusted. It might even mean an increase because I will still build muscle but not lose fat.

    My goal with this lifestyle and my exercise rgime? I want to get a 90 on my fitness test. My last test I got a 78, which is passing, and I was over joyed to get that score. What do I need for a 90?

    run 1.5 mile in 12:45 or less (3 mins less than I am running now)
    have an abdominal circumfrence of 32.5 or less (currently about 35, so there is a way to go on this one)
    do 15 push-ups in one minute (have to have elbows bend all the way to 90 degrees)
    do 45 sit-ups in one minute

    So my real goals have nothing to do with the scale, but I still like to get on there once in a while because it is good to see that progress. Although, my new to me size 16 jeans are a bit loose, I'll take that too. Good thing I purchased them at the thrift shop
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      Thank you thank you thank you!


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        Originally posted by Chasintrail View Post
        Great advice! You've motivated me to get out the "goal" jeans and stop the *%^& out of the scale I'm thinking sledge hammer workout....
        LOL, I actually have a picture of myself on the front page of The Daily Californian (the UC Berkeley newspaper) smashing a scale with a sledgehammer. Ah, the good ol' days of anarcho-feminism....
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          although...i have to say - Linda has a really boyish figure...i mean she's not even wearing a bra there! I have to accept I will have boobs and's just how good they look!

          If I end up anywhere near this lady...i will be deliriously happy!
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            Great post, Batty! Thank you.


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              Awesome post. Getting that myself, especially recently.
              1. You were my inspiration to get fit and strong rather than 'skinny'. MUAH!
              2. I've been at or around 250 for a month or two now - but I've shrunk like crazy - I'm fitting in size XL clothes FFS - at 250. So, I've started to come to terms with a different # as 'goal' - a size, not a weight - and it's not a goal per se, it's where the hell do I stop shrinking and just freaking enjoy that. I have a feeling I won't like the # I end up on with the scale, but I'm going to asplode from happiness at the healthy/fit/strong me in the mirror. I know I'm already damn happy with my progress, and I'm still '100 pounds above my goal weight'.
              This post solidifies what I've started to realize recently - the # on the scale means shit in the long run. The fact that my 250-pound ass can *RUN* is more important.
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                I couldn't agree more. I look thinner and fitter at 140 than I ever used to at under 130.


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                  awesome...I SO agree!!
                  I always take it as a compliment when people guess I weigh about 20lbs less than I actually do. I get "yeah, well if only I could weigh 120 like you" and I can proudly reply, "well, dont forget to include the extra 25lbs in my left leg, its kind of important."
                  I think its a great way to show people that weight DOESNT necessarily equate size. i dig it.


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                    Originally posted by queen_sheba View Post
                    If I end up anywhere near this lady...i will be deliriously happy!
                    I feel the same way ... just don't mention it to my wife!
                    (BTW she would fill Scarlett's dress nicely too, so I have nothing to complain about).
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                      Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
                      I just betcha if I showed this post to my husband, he'd think the BEFORE was hotter! (But I'm not going to show it to him, or else I'll be looking at you as the desktop pic for the next month.)
                      oh lol. i bet its the vinyl.

                      Originally posted by MeatMe216 View Post

                      That is all.
                      you must join me in the next one, i just might do it again at the end of the month.

                      Originally posted by amandatea View Post
                      Awesome post! I have to remember that about gaining a bit of weight, being new to this. I have noticed that my arms are wayyy less fat and quite a bit stronger. I starting doing this, initially to lose weight. However, I am a nerd and I love learning the science of how the body works. I obsess about watching exercise videos (good ones - ie non-CW ones) and my ultimate goal is to be able to do Parkour ( ) because it looks AMAZINGLY fun. I started working out doing a low-intensity cardio workout like walking on the treadmill and upright bike - and that got easier and easier - and then doing the weight machine circuit most days. But lately i have started doing body weight strength exercises and it is so much harder than doing the circuit haha. I love it though. I will be a machine soon

                      But anyway, thanks for that reminder, batty
                      haha, you are welcome! i admit i like using myself as a human guinea pig myself, its fascinating. and i love parkour. it helps me overcome my clumsiness.

                      you ARE a machine!

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                        Originally posted by batty View Post
                        you must join me in the next one, i just might do it again at the end of the month.
                        Oh eff ya! Im there.


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                          We are so programmed to let that scale dictate our feelings about ourselves. Excellent reminder, thanks!
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                            Batty, what you said definitely needed saying. Obviously many of us completely agree. Hopefully your message will reach those grokettes who really need to hear it most.
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                              Batty... I think I'm in love with you. <3


                              I so needed this. Seriously. Sucks to think I keep falling into that CW trap. Feel free to grab me by the hair... what little there is of it, and drag me out whenever you see me being all CW and crap.


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                                I love batty.

                                Always have. Always will.

                                She is the bestest.


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