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Headache/pins + Needles in hands... Anxiety or nutritional

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  • Headache/pins + Needles in hands... Anxiety or nutritional

    Hi All!

    hope everyone is feeling good today?
    So, this morning I have awoken with pins + needles in my right hand and last night had an almighty headache and again this morning which doesnt last long and is more like shooting pains.

    i have had this before [and it disapeared] but as i dont log what i eat/how i feel I cant recal why it happened and how it went away.

    We are currently trying to sort out moving home and I am applying for a position in my company - so possibly anxiety attacks?

    Anyone had this before? My initial thoughts were water, going VLC and 100% paleo [toxins] but I also read magnesium deficiency. I take the best multivit I can find [with probiotic] although that still contains some traces of vegetable oil and soy [wtf!] and until things even out I cant afford the MDA vits [unsure if they can be shipped UK?]

    Any thoughts/advice - I am all up for trying!

    Thanks all,


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    A couple thoughts:

    It could be anxiety, but it sounds nerve-related. Are sleeping with good posture and with your arms straight by your side (not folded)? Anything with pin/needle feeling is generally nerve related. If it doesn't go away, I'd go see a neurologist.


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      Not a doctor, but thesesymptoms are worrisome for stroke, and I encourage you to seek care. If serious causes are ruled out, magnesium (too little)is a likely culprit.


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        My wife had the same feelings. Turned out she had bulging disks in her neck. Could be you've had them and now it's being aggravated. You said you were moving, maybe the lifting all of the boxes is doing it. best to get it checked by a doctor. You may just need some physical therapy.
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          Thanks all for your replies.
          I do sleep all bunched up and have issues with the discs in my back [childhood bad fall leaves me with back pain, regularly] The lifting of boxes could be it too..
          I worry about the stroke aspect as heart issues run in my family. Angina, strokes etc.

          I'll keep an eye on things and go and see a doctor if it doesnt alleviate itself in the next couple of days, I'm loathed to go and visit my GP too soon as they have largely proved incompetant and I know they will blame the sat fat etc

          I'll let you all know how it progresses.