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    This is all new to me, so I am confused,while viewing the photos of meals, I noticed a lot of people had sweet potatoes. So...My question is, are they allowed? Is there a list of foods that are allowed and not allowed, It's all a little fuzzy to me.Thanks, I cant wait to continue this journey.

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    Sweet potatoes fall in the fuzzy gray area. Higher carb veggie, but it has some nutritive value. If you're trying to lose weight, I'd say ditch it. On the other hand, if you're an endurance athlete or have a long hard workout multiple times a week, you way want one because of the carbs you burn working out. It's a judgment call.
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      One of my favorite meals is a juicy ribeye steak with a baked sweet potato with lots of butter. Good stuff!


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        I love sweet potatoes, but I try to save them for my workout days, and I usually only eat about half of a small one. My partner eats more of them, but he has a very physical job on top of doing CrossFit with me, so he can sustain a lot higher carb intake than I can with my office-type job.
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          I believe the reason that sweet potatoes are endorsed yet white ones are not is because of the insulin produced by the white one, yeah? Sweet potatoes are quite nutritious, just higher in carbohydrate than many care to embrace! Just be sensible about the size of it and your activity level/what else you ate and you'll be fine. I'm looking forward to making some sliced sweet potato, pecan-smoked sausage, and onion skillet meals...
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            White potatoes are nightshades and contain a bunch of toxins (I'm not an expert nor do I care too much about this aspect of PB though), sweet potatoes are a different genus (or something) and are safe to eat. That's the basic idea.
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              I don't think that was Mark's reasoning, since he heartily endorses other nightshades. Personally, I love both, but sweet potatoes are hard on my stomach, so I don't eat them often.


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                The nightshade factor is a major reason many folks choose to ditch *white* potatoes, but sweet potatoes supposedly have more bang for your buck nutritionally, are lower glycemic index/load I believe? and are part of the morning glory family--totally NOT a nightshade (if that matters to you). Loren Cordain, author of _The Paleo Diet_ says they are ok for athletes and folks trying to get in higher carbs (but white potatoes are not). I believe Robb Wolf says the same--add them if you *need* the carbs. As pps mentioned, they are in the grey area, and in the PB book Mark says he really only recommends them for folks doing chronic cardio or folks who are real athletes needing more carbs.

                It's one of those totally up to you things. In the book, there is a whole section on foods that are best, ok in moderation, and then foods to avoid/poisons...Check out the book for that!
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                  I alternate between berries / sweet potatoes as post workout recovery through the week. So I average 2 - 3 sweet potatoes a week at the moment.

                  Sometimes I mix the mashed sweet potato with apple sauce, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to make it even more awesome.

                  I love it.