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Perimenopause.....This is it

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  • Perimenopause.....This is it

    *shakes head*

    Of course this was coming, right? I turned 40 in March. My mom was done with periods, iirc, by 43

    •periods starting 2-3 days early and up to 5 days late for the last five months - my periods have been 28/29 days *every month*, except while pregnant or breastfeeding for 27 years.

    •spotting before starting, or at the end - atypical for me

    •frequent nausea but especially premenstrually (this was actually the big tip off). On Sunday, I actually threw up. I feel like I could right now.

    •dizziness (on day three of significant dizziness....I can function as long as I don't look down)

    •ovulated twice this past month....and looking back at my notes, I think I might have in June as well

    •hot flashes? I think I actually had two hot flashes yesterday. having said that, I might have been throat was sore too.

    I was reading another menopause thread, hoping to be inspired but right now, I am really bummed.

    I love my estrogen and all that it does for me. There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that I'll do bioidentical hormone replacement. HGH would be on the roster too if I could afford it, but I can't. lol

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    Happily, I'm old enough to be experiencing "postmenopausal zest," as Margaret Mead wrote . Do not despair, Cillikat, my estrogen remained high years into perimenopause. What caused the symptoms was low progesterone, or estrogen dominance. Bioidenticals will help.


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      I love my estrogen too! After going primal I felt so much better, like I was 10years younger. I was already slim, but lost 3-4 lbs when I switched to primal. That fat loss was enough to throw me into full bore menopause within a couple months. I went from regular cycles to none with raging hot flashes keeping me up at nights and disturbing me during the day. I also lost all energy, felt suddenly depressed for no reason, and desperately wanted my feelings of primal zestiness back! I went to my doctor and my FSH tested way high in the "definite menopause" range. She started me on estradiol patches and I feel so very much better.

      I did some research and apparently it seems to be better to start estrogen replacement DURING the onset of menopause with the goal of then gradually tapering it off over a period of years, allowing your body to adjust to very gradual changes as you head into post menopause. It is the sudden change in hormone levels that causes the most severe symptoms. As I read somewhere, the female body and brain functioned beautifully with low estrogen levels during childhood. During the sudden surge of hormones at puberty, girls often have physical and emotional distress until the brain and body adjust. Menopause is reverse puberty. Our bodies will eventually adjust and function just fine on lower levels, but we can even out the bumpy ride with bioidenticals.


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        Good thread! I'm pretty sure I'm in the beginnings of this as well. I'm 42 (for a couple more months), and have been having wierd period stuff for about 2 years. Spotting before and after, shorter cycle sometimes, longer sometimes, definitely had a couple of hot flashes a while back, and now that you remind me I had a couple of times when I got SUPER nauseous for no reason, then it passed... and I was most definitely not sick. My thyroid and adrenals being out contributes I'm sure, but there you have it. Guess I REALLY have to start researching the bioidenticals for future reference!

        :r I could be lazy and wait for cilla to do all the work for me.... hmmmmmmmmmmmm:: Kidding, mostly.
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          A good book to start with is "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Northrup, MD. It is a great reference book for info on bioidenticals, hormone testing, and all the options/pros and cons for HRT. She also advocates lower carb eating, warns that grains (including whole grains) may not be healthy, sun exposure as superior to oral Vit D (although she still cautions not at midday), and lots of info on supplements of all kinds. Highly recommend it. Most of what she says is in sync with primal living while not outright rejecting hormones or other western med treatments as beyond the pale.


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            I had all that when I hit 40 also (except the nausea bit). I asked the nurse questions when I got my "annual" & she said read books at the library. WTF? (I never went back there) It's like we don't matter after we're done worrying about reproduction? Anyway, I skimmed through some stuff in the bookstore & decided to try progesterone. I got one with all natural stuff called "FemCreme". In 3 weeks I was right as rain. Got "regular" again, mood swings dissappeared. I have recommended this stuff to several women of various ages for various reasons & they all had positive results.
            Now I'm 50 & I believe my ovaries are in their "death throws" so anything goes these days. I think I need to go back on the stuff myself


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              I probably do need to start at least some natural progesterone cream. That's probably part and parcel of the nausea.

              I feel like I'm going to puke. All the time.

              (and I'm not pregnant)

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                Thanks Barb, I'll look that book up. I've seen a few, but you know how it is, you get into some and they recommend all the crap you're not into (like whole grains). It's good to hear that Christine Northrup seems to be in line with where I'm at! Recommendations are the best!!

                I did try progesterone pills... but they didn't seem to do a whole lot. I did them for two months... and then stopped. I don't know, maybe I just didn't give them a chance... I'll have to think about that again... I still have the prescription so could jump back on there after this next period...

                C, what a bummer... ginger tea! Nausea sucks...
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                  Cillakat.... thanks so much for starting this thread (though I'm sorry you're not feeling 100% -- sending positive healing vibes your way).

                  Definitely at this stage myself (early, late, not at all, early, not at all, not at all.... argh!). My biggest fear is that my hormones are going to get stuck at a crappy combo, and I'll spend the rest of my life as a grumpy hag! But the idea of reverse puberty and having it all be OK in the end is very reassuring -- this is where I will direct my mental energy.

                  Thanks to the rest of you for sharing ideas and successes!


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                    Hey Kat - I have a number of patients who do well with 5-HTP supplementation (50 -100 mg daily) for some of the perimenopausal symptoms, especially irritability, insomnia, and mood swings.
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                      I have been peri-menopausal for 10+ years. I will be 54 in December. I have been on oral estradiol and prometium (progesterone) for 9 years when I had undetectable estradiol levels. The prometrium does nasty stuff to me so I only take it every 3-4 months and I will discuss not taking it at all at my annual in October.

                      I have my FSH tested every year ( going off estradiol 30days before the test)and by that test it looks like I may never stop having periods .My FSH is always low normal, even when I had undetectable estradiol. 43 years of periods is enough already!!

                      My favorite book on the subject is Women Weight and Hormones by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. She has two other books Screaming To Be Heard and It's My Ovaries, Stupid. I have Screaming and it's good but more technical than WW&H. I haven't read IMO,S.


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                        Interesting. I am 43 and have experienced spotting just before or after a period in the last couple of months. I think it's early for perimenopause (my mom went through full menopause at 53). How long does this phase usually last?


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                          Originally posted by Egoldstein View Post
                          Interesting. I am 43 and have experienced spotting just before or after a period in the last couple of months. I think it's early for perimenopause (my mom went through full menopause at 53). How long does this phase usually last?
                          One of those "depends on you" answers, sorry! From what I've read you can be in perimenopause for up to 10 years. Or more. Or less. It truly depends on you, your circumstances, your heredity...
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                            I am an outlier here. I'm 69 and went through menopause without any supplementation. The only Rx I take is for my Hashimoto's (thyroid). I consider menopause just a natural part of aging, and I've 'treated' it by clean eating and regular exercise--i.e., living as healthily as I can.


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                              I'm sympathetic to everybody dealing with the hormonal roller-coaster! I may have a tough time of this later myself so I'll be watching with interest.

                              I say that because my mom's periods didn't stop till she was 62. Her GYN used to use her as an example to terrorize all his other patients. I told Mom it was a sign from God that I needed a little brother or sister (me being 35 at the time)... she was Not Amused. I sure was though.
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