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  • GrokFeast Menu Ideas?

    I'm hosting a family GrokFeast this weekend for the cow challenge, and I'm wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for unique menu items. I'm new to PB so I'm still building up my store of interesting and delicious recipes. I can do basic stuff but for the fun of the contest I thought it would be cool to have a few really different dishes to serve.

    Of course if you're doing your own GrokFeast thing, I'm not trying to steal your menu! Just thought there might be people out there not doing this contest who could share their ideas.


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    Well, if I was going to enter the contest I would look through all of the recipes posted under "Freebies" because you know those are primal!

    Organ meats would be pretty unique ... or something using less popular cuts of meat, like ox-tail soup if that is something your family is willing to try.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see what you and everyone else decide to do! We don't do cupcakes. We still don't do cupcakes.


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      Thanks! I did find some good recipes there. The most adventurous thing I have on my menu is the "Heart on Fire" beef heart with creamy kale. I hope it turns out!


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        Awesome Main

        I just made this tonight and I think it would be great for a feast. I just left out the 2 tbsp of flour the recipe called for:


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          Beef heart and Creamy Kale sound delicious! Mos to f my family would disown me if I served them anything like that. Luckily my husband is willing to try anything.

          Now that is a great looking pork loin recipe! (Like you said without the flour...or if you really had to have it, maybe coconut flour would work?)
 We don't do cupcakes.
 We still don't do cupcakes.