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  • Gallbladder issues

    My gallbladder is hard, and has been on and off for a month. I just now realized what It was. I'm also (TMI) passing bile. All the info I can find says to eat low fat, whole grains, no eggs or red meat or poultry. Can anyone tell me where to find some info on what I should be eating?

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    IMO, CW is at it again. Here is the BEST article I have seen on Gallbladder issues:
    Gallstones are caused by eating too little fat rather than too much. As I see it, if we don't use it, use lose it. We are supposed to eat a fatty diet, and the gallbladder is supposed to squirt bile into our intestines to help us digest the fatty foods. By eliminating fats in our diets per CW, the pancreas gets fouled up from a lack of use. FULL STORY HERE:

    Now that people are suddenly attempting to put fats back in their diet, per the Primal Blueprint, the pancreas may not be in good enough shape after years of neglect. What to do? Here are some ideas. First is to >>slowly<< bring fats back to give the pancreas a chance to recover from years of neglect.

    Here are some other Home Remedy ideas:

    As a LAST resort, if gallstones cannot be expelled any other way, your doctor will want to surgically remove your pancreas. There is an alternative called Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), where sound waves can break up gallstones for removal, without surgery:

    Other alternatives detailed here:

    Please keep us informed and if you find better links than I have provided. I can see a possibility that this issue might affect many who attempt going on the PB diet after many years of attempting to eliminate fats in their diets.



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      My post with multiple valuable links is being delayed for who knows how long until approved by the moderator. Included is WHY we get gallbladder problems and HOW to resolve the issue without surgery.

      Since my links are not allowed, here is the content of the 2 MAIN links:
      1) Google Search for "Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Gall Stones"

      2) Fair, fat and forty. That is the general perception of someone with gallstones. For this reason gallstones, often found in fat people, are usually attributed to a diet high in fats. In fact this is the opposite of the truth: Gallstones are caused by eating too little fat rather than too much.

      Fats are not soluble in water. Before dietary fat can be digested, it has to be emulsified. Bile is used for this purpose. The liver makes bile continuously and stores it in the gall bladder until such time as it is needed. However, if a low-fat diet is eaten, that bile remains in the gall bladder.

      Gallstones are formed when the gall bladder is not emptied on a regular basis. In people who continually resort to low-fat diets, bile is stored for long periods in the gall bladder — and it stagnates. In time — and it is really quite a short time — a 'sludge' begins to form. This then coagulates to form small stones which then become bigger. The speed with which this happens was dramatically demonstrated in a trial at several American University hospitals.[1] None of the subjects had any sign of gall bladder disease at the start of the study. However, after only eight weeks of low-fat dieting, more than a quarter had developed gallstones. Where they were fed intravenously, half developed gall bladder sludge after three weeks, and all had developed it by six weeks. Nearly half of those who developed sludge also formed gallstones.
      Don't miss breakfast

      Missing breakfast may also increase the risk of gallstones. In a study of French women with gallstones, it was found that they fasted on average for two hours longer overnight than women without the disease.[2]

      Study has also shown that body fat around your middle rather than overall fatness also increases the risk of gallstones.[3] This is no surprise as this, an indicator of the metabolic syndrome, is also caused by eating a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat diet.

      The pain that someone with gallstones gets is when these are passed through the bile duct with the bile in response to a fatty meal and get stuck. Bile is then unable to enter the bowel, leading to biliary colic and its related symptoms: poor digestion, bloating, burping, flatulence, nausea, vomiting and sometimes jaundice.

      So, it is a low-fat diet which causes the gallstones, but it is eating a high-fat diet that makes them apparent. If you eat a low-fat diet and never eat fat again, then you won't get the pain, even though the stones are there. The doctor who says that the gallstones are caused by high-fat is actually saying that the symptoms are caused by the fat.

      If someone suffers from gallstones, a low-fat diet 'prevents' the symptoms, so doctors often suggest such a diet. But it makes the cause of the symptoms (gallstones) worse. Doctors are often loath to operate to remove the stones, so just preventing you knowing about them seems to them to be a good compromise — despite the fact that you will then be miserable and hungry as a result!

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        I'm only 28, very fit, and Ive been eating a high fat diet for over a year. The year before I was transitioning from 16 years of vegetarianism. Do not want to go back to that. I'm confused about what to eat now.


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          If your gallbladder is hard you need to verify if you have gallstones with your doctor. Is there PAIN on the right side near your rib cage?
          Please Google Search for "Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Gall Stones"

          This is a medical procedure that breaks up gall stones using sound waves, as an alternative to your doctor demanding to surgically remove your gallbladder.

          Also Google Search Home Remedies Gall Bladder since my links are not being allowed. I have a lot of links on this subject, but they are being censored by the moderator.



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            Can you PM them to me? Thanks for your help


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              Any updates on this post? I wonder what happened since last post.


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                Originally posted by positie1 View Post
                Any updates on this post? I wonder what happened since last post.
                I emailed all my links to Melody. I hope she keeps us informed on her progress. IMO, this is a very important issue to all of us who have gone from a low fat diet to a higher fat diet. It is the Low Fat diet that creates gallstones, and for many years Melody was a vegetarian and her gallbladder rarely got used if at all. That is exactly what causes the sludge & gallstones to build up. I don't know how she survived the last year on a high fat diet without problems MUCH sooner. The Gallbladder is nothing to mess around with and she needs to see her doctor for "Sound Wave Treatments" called "Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL). These sound waves break up the stones so they pass harmlessly into the bowell, no surgery necessary. She hasn't given us much information. Like, how does she know her pancreas is swollen? What are her symptoms?

                I reviewed Marks book, The Primal Blueprint index for Gallbladder and nothing.
                I also searched Marks Blog for gallstones and nothing. IMO, Mark needs to make his in depth article on this subject.

                I just sent Mark this email:
                " IMO, there is a serious concern when a person has spent years on a low carb or vegetarian diet, and then suddenly goes on the Primal Blueprint diet. The gallbladder likely is filled with sludge and/or gallstones and cannot any longer handle the call to squirt bile for fatty meals.

                We need one of your usual definitive articles on the Gallbladder and how best to get an inactive gallbladder safely started on the new higher fat diet.

                I have searched your blog for such information to no avail. Also nothing in the index of your book on the gallbladder.

                Many thanks,

                If any of you know Mark better than I, then maybe you can help us get his wisdom on this subject. I am still a "Junior Member" having just started this group. It is clear to me that gallbladder problems are going to be a recurring subject.

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                  Not a lot has happened In the last few hours. Gallbladder issues explain a lot of health problems I've had. When I stopped being vegetarian my doctor had me doing gallbladder cleanses bimonthly with olive oil and lemon juice. He also recommended coffee enemas alhough I never went down that road.
                  I can feel the pear shape of my gallbladder in my abdomen, and I've been able to in the past. I'm also passing bile (ew). Debatin going to the doctor tomorrow. My doctor is a vegetarian which is what he'll tell me to do.


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                    I don't want to sound gloomy, but your problem could become VERY serious & life threatening. I would not mess around with this. I do hope your doctor advises giving you the sound shock therapy to break your stones up so they pass harmlessly into your bowels. Please keep us informed of your progress. Sorry, here is the corrected info:

                    It is very dangerous if the gallbladder ruptures, because it can lead to many other complications that can lead to death.
                    Google Search: "Ruptured Gallbladder" for more.

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                      I don't get the "passing bile" part. I'm not even sure what you mean by that. If anything, gallstones mean you might pass less bile while experiencing a blockage. In any event, when bile is secreted, it is reabsorbed by the small intestine. If it is not, that's an intestinal problem, not a gallbladder problem.


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                        Originally posted by avocado View Post
                        I don't get the "passing bile" part. I'm not even sure what you mean by that. If anything, gallstones mean you might pass less bile while experiencing a blockage. In any event, when bile is secreted, it is reabsorbed by the small intestine. If it is not, that's an intestinal problem, not a gallbladder problem.
                        The gallbladder is NOT supposed to have stones or sludge in it. It IS supposed to store a bile liquid that is squirted into the intestines as required to break down fat as a normal part of the fatty meal digestion process. Bottom line, our evolutionary past dictates that we eat fatty meals on a regular basis to keep our gallbladder healthy & operational. Those who are vegetarians or on an extremely low fat diet are at high risk of developing gallstones, gallsludge and gallbladder problems. When they do finally start eating high fat meals, the gallbladder can no longer function properly because is is clogged up. It enlarges, becomes painful, and of course doctors want to surgically remove it. IMO, instead of surgically removing the gallbladder, there is a medical procedure described above designed to remove stones in the Gallbladder & Kidney Stones. Sound Waves are used to break larger stones up into very small stones. Smaller stones can then be passed without pain, and the gallbladder can be saved. The problem we are discussing is a SWOLLEN & inflamed gallbladder, usually caused by gallstone blockage. We try to get rid of the gallstones and keep the gallbladder.

                        Has anyone been successful eliminating gallstones without surgery? PLEASE tell us your story. Melody needs HELP NOW ASAP ! We would like to see her keep her gallbladder.

                        What happens if the gallbladder is surgically removed? Bile then dribbles into the intestine 24/7 and reports are conflicting if these people have problems or not. Search this message board titles for "Gallstones" and then "Gallbladder" I would leave the links myself but then the moderator would block my message.

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                          Lets see if the moderator will allow links back to our own message group !

                          Here is a very good thread, POST REMOVAL of the gallbladder:



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                            Originally posted by Grizz View Post
                            I would leave the links myself but then the moderator would block my message.
                            Grizz, no moderator here is going to block your messages for leaving links. We all do it. All the time.

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                              Grizz, I would agree with most of what you said, but it has nothing to do with my question. I'm just trying to understand what she's saying about passing b bile and I don't so I asked.