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Do you have a reward in mind for your success?

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  • Do you have a reward in mind for your success?

    Whether it be after this challenge or when you reach certain goals like weight or strength or whatever else you are particularly focussed on with PB?

    I need a goal for when I reach the 20 pound loss. Its not imminent, so I'm just curious to see what rewards other people are looking forward to and are motivated by.

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    My reward will be a suspension in December. The reward is for finally, after close to ten years down a health-conscious path, I have finally figured out a lifestyle that is allowing my body to develop to it's full potential.
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      Once I achieve my ideal physique, I imagine that my reward will be unlimited sex from hot girls I meet throughout the course of my day.
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        My reward is the results I get from PB. I don't need any other motivation to keep doing this for the rest of my life.
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          Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
          Once I achieve my ideal physique, I imagine that my reward will be unlimited sex from hot girls I meet throughout the course of my day.
          LMAO best reward EVER!

          I'm rewarding myself with boobs!
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            New clothes! Not much point buying now, when I'm still shrinking.

            And the very idea that going clothes shopping could be a reward, not a particularly refined form of torture... wow...


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              Better health and being free from all my Rx meds.


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                To be trite, "Success is its own reward."

                More specifically, frankly just being able to run around with my toddler(s) more easily will be fabulous. Beyond that, new clothes I guess.

                Oh and Grumpy Caveman, good answer! But won't you have to change your user name? It'd be tough to keep your grump on, what with all that sex...

                Come to think of it this will probably improve my sex life, too. (not that I have complaints, but hey!)
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                  A Utilikilt! And I already have the legs for it.

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                    I hope that one reward that will just come kind of automatically will be getting off of my blood pressure meds.

                    Other than that, cleaning out the closet and getting new clothes, maybe a new tattoo, too.


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                      If I'm trying to be particularly strict on a weak point for X time, and manage to do it, I'll make up some form of reward. Reward is usually a certain book I've been putting off buying myself; however, for this challenge, if I'm able to do it, I DON'T have to eat a huge bowl of my most detested foods. My reward is not having to eat papaya, cantaloupe, kidney, and prune stew.
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                        Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
                        Once I achieve my ideal physique, I imagine that my reward will be unlimited sex from hot girls I meet throughout the course of my day.
                        This is my favorite!

                        My reward? Being able to do a pull up will be pretty sweet...

                        ETA: I think I have goals rather than rewards. Like, I'd love to be able to do some sort of parkour stuff, even if thats many years from now. The reward for me, really, is feeling and looking better every day that I continue on my primal path...
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                          At the start of the year--long before I heard about this whole primal thing--I vowed to get myself back in shape after a 2 year period of steadily gaining weight and losing health. I told myself that when I reached my goal, I'd buy myself a pair of ridiculously expensive workout pants that I'd been lusting after for a while.

                          The funny thing is, having reached and surpassed the goal, I realize I don't want the pants, or any other reward either. There's something about a reward that makes it feel like I'm in a temporary state, and in order to get a reward again, I would need to be unhealthy for a while again. This primal thing has resonated so well with me that I honestly can't fathom going back to old eating habits. Still, the reward was a useful carrot when I still had sugar cravings and helped me on days when I felt my resolve weakening.

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                            I go for clothes..Before I start my diet, I buy clothes that are 2 size smaller than my actual one. I use it as an inspiration for me not to stop until the time those clothes actually fit


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                              Well, I had set myself a goal, it was 170 pounds, and when I got to 170 I was going to have a BAS, not salad, but sundae. 170 came and went, and I never did get that sundae.

                              I am like the others that the reward didn't matter after a while. I did recently buy myself a bunch of stuff for the kitchen, which I thought of as a reward, and maybe it is, a reward for actually using my kitchen and the other gadgets that went for so long unused.

                              I will be getting new clothes, but that isn't a reward, it is a

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