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gallbladder problems

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  • gallbladder problems

    I tried posting this earlier, but I think I somehow deleted it. If it pops up twice, I apologize.

    Since I started PB a few weeks ago, I have been having a lot more problems with my gallbladder, mostly right shoulder pain and some right upper abdominal pain. CW would say it is because I am eating too much fat. I consulted with my doctor several years ago about it and the only solution they had was to take it out. I am really against that idea. Does anyone here have any insight into something I could do to get my gallbladder to work better to ease the pain? Does anyone know of any supplements that help? Someone mentioned Hulda Clark's liver flush. Here's the recipe: I am not sure if it is hooey or not.

    Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    Opinions vary as to whether its hooey. I'm of they opinion that it is, but I know some folks who swear it saved their lives. I also know one specific person who started doing it and had to be rushed to the emergency room soon afterwards. It's been fairly well proven that any "stones" you get from those treatments are *not* gallstones, though. Google around if you want to see debunking.

    What are you eating?


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      there's some other threads on here about that problem if you do a search; someone suggested some particular digestive enzymes that assist with fat digestion.

      The other thing is that primal lifestyle requires a major shift in gut flora, acid balance and so on. While many people advocate a 'cold turkey' approach, my personal view is that a more gradual transition is appropriate for some people. It also depends on what you've been eating in the past. Look for those threads on the digestive enzymes and also consider adding some probiotics. Maybe cut back the fats a little and gradually add them back in.
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        Gallbladder issues were mentioned in the book Primal Body, Primal Mind. I don't remember much about it, except she said to keep your gallbladder if at all possible.

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          - Pain under the upper right rib cage
          - Solution = SLOWLY increase the amount of fats in your Paleo Diet
          This link explains it so elegantly. Use it or it gets all clogged up.

          - Home Remedies to try first

          - Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) sound waves can break up gallstones and remove them without surgery.
          I would try this before getting your gallbladder removed.

          Options discussed:

          Google "gallstones ESWL" for much more

          Please keep us informed of your progress.



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            I am eating lost of veggies, meat, some butter/ extra virgin olive oil. I am having a hard time giving up dairy and I am eating a couple of servings of cheese a day (I have cut down some).


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              Robb Wolf talks about gallbladder issues in one of his podcasts (around episode 23, maybe??? -- topics are listed for each one, so it shouldn't be too hard to find). He, too, indicates that you can and should keep your gallbladder via a change in diet from CW to paleo.
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                The benefits of having a gall-bladder are huge.

                I'd take lots of digestive enzymes while adapting - Now Super Enzymes are working really well for me. I just switched to them from Garden of Life Ozyme.

                But keep an eye on it. It can get very serious and *require* surgery.

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                  I had this problem starting pb and a few acupuncture visits + dig enzymes stopped it completely.
                  Adding minerals wherever I can.


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                    If you can find something that will ease your pain and heal your gall bladder, that's good. I wasn't so lucky. My gall bladder abscessed and ruptured, nearly costing me my life. If your pain gets worse or you start running a fever, get medical attention right away. I agree that hanging onto your gall bladder is for the best, if at all possible. If it has to come out, though, you can still make this way of life work.


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                      I think you've received some very bad advice here! Gall bladder problems are not something to trifle with, since removal can often be the only healthy solution (depending on the problem), but trying for home/nutritional remedies can lead to potentially fatal complications.

                      If you start playing around with 'solutions,' you are likely to wind up in the ER, vastly complicating what can be a relatively routine procedure and risking your life.

                      Get a medical evaluation ASAP.


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                        Gall stones can be a problem when switching from a low-fat diet to a high-fat one, I know since my mother had this effect when I switched and introduced my food while visiting my parents.
                        The, usual, reason you get gall stones is that when you cut out all the nice fat and colestrol from your diet your gall bladder doesnt have to produce as much gall and thus isnt 'flushing' the gall bladder regularly leaving small amounts of gall there that harden and build up into the gall stones.
                        Then when you start eating properly again so your gall bladder actually has to work and turns the fauset back on which will try to push out any gall stones you have been building up which might cause discomfort/pain/problems depending on how big they are.

                        disclaimer: just wanted to note that its not an uncommon situation, althought I ofcourse cant say if its actually the one your in
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                          I agree you should see your doctor to verify if you have gallstones or not.

                          NO ! ! ! NO ! ! !

                          Do NOT allow your doctor to schedule removal of your gallbladder !

                          You must first insist on trying the Sound Wave approach to break up your gallstones, this method has been successfully in many cases for decades WITHOUT surgery. I would give you a link, but the moderator won't allow links, So do this:

                          Google Search this:
                          Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) gallstones

                          I will attempt to send you personal mail with the required links.

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                            My youngest daughter had some gall balder issues when we first went Primal. 4 or 5 trips to the doctor, 2 ultrasounds and blood work. It was nothing but her body adjusting to the higher fat diet. After about 8 weeks the issues simply disappeared. Have yourself checked, keep an eye out for an unexplained fever, but most likely the issues will simply fade away.
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                              Gall bladder problems are not something to trifle with, since removal can often be the only healthy solution (depending on the problem), but trying for home/nutritional remedies can lead to potentially fatal complications.
                              If you already seek medical help and was advice that you need a removal, then you have to do it.Diets are more of a prevention rather than cure.