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  • (the dreaded subject of) Poo....

    Hey guys quick question:

    I have been 'primal' for almost 4 months and recently went 100% primal (no starch, no alcohol, and no little cheats as in the past).

    In these recent weeks I have had liquid diarrhea like crazy after I eat dinner (usually my only meal of the day), I never have solids anymore. I do have Chron's disease, and earlier on my Primal eating schedule I would eat sweet potatoes a lot (4ish days a week) and never had this problem.

    Anyone else run into this?? And if so...what's the solution!??? I thought primal was supposed to "cure" autoimmune diseases!

    I'm really curious if this will pass and work itself out in the coming weeks or if I need to make a change here.

    Appreciate any info. Thanks
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    Hi Benjamin.

    I eat 3 times a day and have this problem (usually though not always) after breakfast. After lunch things clear up a lot and after the evening meal all is fine.

    Until breakfast...

    I have discovered that if I eat carbs with the evening meal - sweet potato or, on "bad" evenings, rice with a chinese meal - the next morning is much better.

    I reckon it has something to do with lack of carbs but as there is no way I'm going back to grains I am learning to live with it. 10 months now - I can cope!

    If you do find any "cure" - I'd LOVE to hear about it!


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      This was posted in another thread:
      Basically it says to try an elimnation diet, cutting out most things except for meat and veggies, then slowly add back to test tolerance.


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        There's absolutely nothing non-Primal about sweet potatoes! Why not add them back in? If you've found a way of keeping Crohn's under control, congratulations - that's brilliant. I'm pretty sure sweet potatoes are better for you than steroids, powerful immunosuppressants, hospitalisation, intravenous feeding...


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          Aside from what everyone said, other factors to consider -
          - Coffee can have that effect.
          - Too much fat can sometimes have effect (only negative of eating too much fat from what I understand)
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            I second the too much fat. Not saying you should eat less fat per day, but you may need to split your meal between two sessions to avoid the 'evacuation' of your bowls.

            I also say if the sweet potato keeps it from happening, then eat it!

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              While adapting, you may want to consider some excellent digestive enzymes like Now Super Enzymes with your meal. Your body needs help digesting the amount of fat it's getting at one time.


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                I wonder if splitting your meal into smaller ones would help. I find if I eat too much in one go of veggies and stuff with fat, I get icky. Happened yesterday in fact. I think my digestion just gets overwhelmed. I have a delicate system and years of gluten damage which probably explains it.
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                  So, I think I've found the problem...

                  Although I didn't think I was, I was probably eating too much in one sitting. As my weight loss has been slow, I have finally come to the realization that as great as PB is, calories still matter, and I need to cut back on them. After changing over to smaller dinners I have seen a drastic change. I usually don't even go for a long while after and it's nowhere near the magnitude it was before. Hopefully this keeps up!

                  Thanks everybody for your help


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                    Do you still eat only 1 meal a day or you now splitting the food into perhaps 3 small meals?I do think that would be less of a "shock" to the digestive system...


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                      1 "normal" meal, nothing huge like ir use to be. I IF during the weekdays so dinner is my only meal.


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                        I have liquidy poo, is this something to be worried about?

                        I kind of assumed it would sort itself out in time.