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  • Primal Leap package

    Has anyone ordered and received the Primal Leap package? What's it like? Do you like it?

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    I just found this primal world a month or so ago thanks to an Amazon recommendation. Given that I was at primal square one, I ordered the kit a received it literally within 2 days. The kit is tremendously well designed and presented and the description of the contents on the Primalblueprint website is spot on.

    The kit has tons of info, but does not just repeat everything in the Primal Blueprint book. As I said, it has a ton of info, but more importantly, a set of strategies and activities and cheat sheets to help you adopt all aspects.of the blueprint. I like it a lot, but if you're an "expert" Grok then you may not need it.


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      No expert here. Wondering if the materials provide sample menus and meal plans.


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        I don't know... but I called and asked them about some of my own questions, they were friendly and helpful. Could get answers straight from the horse's mouth!

        And if you want more detail from people taking the Leap themselves, I really liked this older thread:
        and of course I'm sure people will reply here.

        I'm seriously tempted to pay for it NOW just for the extra goodies, even though I can't really go for it till... hmm... February probably, post c-section.
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          Thanks for the link.