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Should I even be thinking about IF? If not, how do I kick start my fat-loss?

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  • Should I even be thinking about IF? If not, how do I kick start my fat-loss?

    I'm becoming rather demoralised...

    The funny thing is, when I was battling an ED (in my head I still am I guess) I had no problem going for hours and hours without eating anything more than nic gum. Now I last ate today around 12 noon I think and I don't think I can ignore my tummy much longer!

    I'm thinking that it could help me with my fat loss (because, let's face it I need it) but I'm concerned that I'm going to be putting my body under even more stress and encouraging cortisol release which is obviously not what I want.

    So what else can I do - because I just don't feel satiated at all, and probably consuming more calories now than I was when was meticulously counting them (but not caring where they came from). Now Cilla's given me fructose intolerance to worry about too!

    I just want to start experiencing this 'rapid fat loss' Mark's on about!

    I apologise for asking many questions, but I figure that if I don't ask then, obviously, I won't know and you lot know more than I do about everything to do with this stuff!

    Thanks very much

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    Honestly, learning to IF can and will add some stress and cortisol for a while. If you do IF though and you want to lose weight then you should also make sure that you're not eating a lot more when you do eat of course. To that end, I'd suggest teaching yourself to eat slower and enjoy the food that you do eat.


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      Another thing to consider if you haven't read this elsewhere it that IFing is easier when you've already got your carbs under control and your diet in order. I would start with getting a healthy diet plan that works for you the moving ahead with IF if you're so inclined.


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        You shouldn't worry about the amount of calories you consume as long as they are good calories.The Primal Blueprint clearly outlines healthy eating and effortless weight loss etc,assuming you have read it?

        Satiety will occur when you eat the right foods.


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          +1 to Megalodon's reply.
          Personally, I didn't worry about IF-ing until I got comfortable with what foods to buy, new recipes, etc. It was probably a good month and a half before I sort of stumbled into it by accident. I just woke up one day and didn't feel all that hungry and decided to give it a go.
          I wouldn't worry too much about it. All those details can really stress you out and you don't want to burn out trying to get everything instantly perfect. Just pick a few things about PB and focus on them. When they start becoming second nature, then work on something else.
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            +1,000 to getting your diet in order first. Get comfy eating the foods, and get the ratios so they feel right. IF will usually happen at some point by accident.

            And keep in mind that the hours include sleeping! For example, I IF 16-17 hours regularly, but that's because I tend to only eat in a 7-8 hour window during the day. So from my last meal (usually around 5-5:30ish) to my breakfast (sometime between 8-9:30) that's my IF.

            If right now your body is telling you it's hungry, you need to concentrate on other stuff first. Your body neds to be fat-burning, and well-fed and nourished before IFs won't stress out the system in a bad way.

            Just my thoughts...
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              from the posts i've seen, you're not ready to IF. get your diet in order first, & then maybe you can try it.

              there's rapid fat loss, & there's toning. those of us (like me) who are obese or were when we started experience it a lot faster at the onset because we have so much to lose, & we've been feeding our bodies so wrong for so long. "rapid" doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen in a month for you. it's going to take some time. heck, i've been at this since january & although i've only lost 35 pounds, i'm thrilled with the result. but i've still got a long way to go before i can even think about heading into maintenance. you'll get there, but it's going to take time. how long have you primal?
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                I mean this in the nicest possible way:

                You obviously seriously deal with Aspergers as noted by the number of posts you have made regarding every little specific detail about every thing you eat/do/whatever.

                If you try to do IF'ing while still going nuts about extremely specific calorie ratios you will die either from hunger or brain explosion.

                Calm down, relax, get the diet under control and don't let the aspie tendencies make this too hard for you!