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Your favorite quick and simple meal?

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  • Your favorite quick and simple meal?

    I love to cook but am lazy too. I often find myself going back to the same quick grab-and-nuke meal, know what I mean?

    All these ingredients are from Trader Joe's (sorry if you don't have one nearby! sad); my TJ's is at the end of my street, within walking distance.

    • 3-4 ounces frozen chicken breast pieces (TJ's "Just Grilled Chicken Strips")*
    • About 1/4 to 1/3 cup TJ's "Mild Salsa" (refrigerated kind)
    • Big squirt of TJ's "Fresh & Spicy" guacamole.

    I put chicken pieces on a paper plate, nuke it for about 1:20 on high, slather cold salsa atop the hot chicken, and squirt a blob of guac on the side.

    This is very low carb (but I sometimes eat some apple or whatever afterwords or before), adequate protein, and high fat....PERFECT PB, really tasty, and REALLY satisfying!! Total prep and cleanup time about 2.5 minutes. After eating this I feel great. And the simplicity is helping me lose 5-7 pounds per week.

    *the Just Grilled Chicken Strips have 1 gm of unwanted carbs (potato starch) in a 3 ounce serving, but not serious enough for me to worry.

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    Steak, topped with sour cream and shallots (or you may call them spring onion?)

    Lamb cutlets and steamed veg (current favourite brocolli, cauliflower and asparagus semi-mashed with sour cream)

    chicken and bacon roasted, served with avocado

    all take 20 mins


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      BAS or scrambled eggs are my usual go-to meals, whether i'm in a hurry or not. as long as i've got some meat already cooked up, neither one takes more than a few minutes to prepare.


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        Great-quality sausages slowly sauteed with leeks in a ton of butter. Squeeze a lemon on top. Done.
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          fried sunny-side ups and bacon fired in butter! sliced avocado. YUMMY!
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          Goal: to lose lose all my belly fat!

          134.9/116.4/no goal weight, just visible abs!

          going Primal works! ~~


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            Omelets are quick, and a good way to use up various leftover meats and veggies.

            I also make burgers a lot - the variations in seasonings and toppings are nearly endless so it's a little different each time. Sometimes I serve them on a salad, sometimes with lettuce leaves to hold them, sometimes the burgers are the "bun" and I put the rest of the stuff in between.
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              Sliced bacon cooked with ground beef.
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                1 avocado, 1 egg over medium, 2-3 strips bacon, 1 chicken breast

                cut up, throw it in a bowl....enjoy.

                I was going to have it for breakfast this morning, but we were out of bacon! So I just had the other was good as always


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                  Fry a pound of extra lean ground beef, 1/2 to 1 cup tomato sauce. Spice to taste (lea and perrins, soya, salt, pepper, garlic, etc).


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                    Chicken thighs warming in oven.Green leaf salad with cherry tomatoes,radish and celery slathered in coconut oil.Crisp up the chicken thigh skins for 3 mins under grill and serve after coating with plenty of black pepper and a touch of sea salt

                    I have this for lunch most weekdays.


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                      Apple with almond butter and "Juusto" cheese, which is a baked cheese you warm up... very high fat, no carbs, and goes GREAT with apple.

                      OR ground beef sauteed with veggies and tomato sauce, served over spinach.
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                        I like to make 20 minute frys with meat + veggies. I usually use a combination of coconut + extra virgin olive oil to fry everything. And for spice I usually use some combination of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, & turmeric.

                        Some of my favorites are
                        Chicken breasts cut up + broccoli + bell peppers
                        Ground red deer venison + carrots + broccoli or asparagus

                        Low effort, & tastes great. I'll fry the meat for a short while first with the spices, then add the veggies after so they don't get too soft. The broccoli soaks up the spiced oil like crazy and really ends up tasting great.

                        Onions would be good with this too, I just choose to not eat onions.

                        4 out of 4 kids eat both of the above dishes, that's my gauge for how good something turns out!
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                          4-6 ounces meat
                          Frozen veggies, any kind
                          1/3 cup of salsa
                          1 Tbsp olive oil
                          1 Tbsp coconut oil

                          Throw it all in a bowl with a little water and it makes a great soup after you microwave it for 5 minutes.


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                            might meaty!

                            red onion [1]
                            mushrooms [handful]
                            leeks [1]
                            chilli [1]
                            red pepper [1]
                            garlic cloves [4]
                            500g of minced [ground] pork

                            fried in a little EVOO then add a handful of tomoatoes and cook until most of juice gone [adding some black pepper]
                            topped with runny fried eggs.

                            my total favourite.


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                              5 scrambled eggs, big handful of cheddar cheese melted in at the end, topped with lots of cold salsa ...
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