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  • What are the most FAQs??

    Multiple mentions of creating a FAQ sticky of some sort have gotten me really interested in trying to make a FAQ thread (or to inspire one by Mark & the Bees ) w/ links to MDA blogposts and threads that might be really helpful in answering various newbie primal questions. Along w/ links to the PB 101 and definitive guides, which I think are just invaluable, and something some newbies might not be aware of.

    What are the most frequently asked questions that you all think should be included in this?

    Things I can think of so far...

    Is quinoa (and other pseudo grains like buckwheat) primal?

    What about soaked/sprouted grains and legumes?

    Is xyz food primal? (Could be covered w/ links to primal food lists, I'm certain most could be found in the pb 101 section.)

    What is IF, how do you do it?

    Isn't saturated fat bad for you? (etc)

    What's the difference between primal and paleo and atkins and...etc.

    What should my workouts look like?

    Do I have to be in ketosis to lose weight?

    What supplements do you take?


    I'd love if you all would add more ideas--I'd be happy to organize a FAQ thread w/ links to threads/blogposts/etc that could be helpful to newbies and more seasoned primals alike....
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    What about cholesterol? (for which, let's just direct them to my cholesterol primer)

    What about fiber/I can't poop?
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      Low-carb flu issues!
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        what does CW stand for


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          I think they should have a sticky listing the abbreviations for newbies.
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            my answer to all of that
            a) buy the book
            b) review Mark's links breaking down PB
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