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serious upper stomach pains??

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  • serious upper stomach pains??

    does anyone get hunger pains? are they different from what they used to be before primal foods? I'm curious, cause I almost everyday get them... not down in the stomach but up higher, like in between my lower ribs, a huge suction feeling that really really hurts. And I've been trying along here, and it seems to go away as soon as I eat- if I eat something "light" for breakfast, like a bit of yogurt with coconut, I get it as soon as we're on our way out the door... but if I eat heavier stuff like eggs I don't get it. I am thinking it must be hunger pains but I am a little unsure cause sometimes I'm not actually hungry, although they still disappear w/ eating a little. And they're not like the hungry feeling I used to get before going primal, so I thought I'd check it out sometimes I feel I eat an awful lot...but my weight is steadily dropping, and I definately eat WAY less than before PB (I honestly plowed through a loaf of bread a day plus meals). Oh, I've been doin PB since June 1st thanks!!

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    Wow - I've not heard of this at all...I might talk to your doctor.


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      I used to get pains like that, but it wasn't from hunger. It was more of an idigestion/muscle spasm sort of thing. I could stand, sit, lay down, stand on my head... didn't matter. It hurt so bad sometimes that I'd just ball up on the floor.

      Ironically I haven't had them since I decreased my stress levels, and certainly haven't had them since going Primal. Did have some sort of indigestion-y pain feelings from eating way too much almond butter once though- lol.

      Not sure this is any help. Just thought I'd share.


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        GERD maybe or perhaps not enough stomach acid.
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          I can't claim to know what's going on at all, but I did have something very close to what you described for common stomach pains, and the only way I got rid of them was by giving up all dairy products. No yogurt, no cheese, nada. If you haven't already, think about trying it for a week to see if it helps.


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            This could be an ulcer. Worth seeing the doc about since ulcers are h. pylori infections and are best treated by abx.

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              thanks you all I think I will try no dairy for a week to see, cause I do loooooove cheese and milk-but maybe it doesn't fit so well with the rest
              Diana: can I ask how you resuced stress? You mean just from switching over to Primal?? Stupid question, but I am really trying and not succeeding haha! I don't "feel" stressed, but I run my butt of every day all day but I can't really drop anything.. I have a double load of university courses since it's my last yr, and am single with 2 kids, with no car, low wallet funds, so I do a hell of a lot of running around (literally) and never really get to just sit until I am too tired to sit but need to sleep. I'm not trying to sound "poor me", I was just thinkin maybe there was something else I could try- I have thought about yoga, but I honestly don't have time!
              I do know I have an ulcer (I am the success story of the 33 yr old with ulcer, hernia, and had angioplasty last yr...) but it's a totally different pain that's why I did not think it had anything to do with that. The last dr visit said I was improving but maybe there's a glitch somewhere.
              For today though, I'll be happy I am on day3 of the challenge (although I haven't strayed once since starting). and that the sun is finally shining bright outside)
              thanks for the advice!


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                Gall bladder?

                Though that does sound an awful lot like what I experienced when I became lactose intolerant literally overnight. Horrible crampy pain.


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                  Diana: can I ask how you resuced stress?
                  Actually it was mostly emotional stress that I dumped. A lot of it came from a failing relationship, so once that ended, some of the stress went away. I guess I also ended up adopting a more "zen" attitude about things, even if I am still pretty high strung most of the time.

                  Physically, I lessened my workout load too. No more running 7 miles every morning.

                  Wow... I can see where you'd be stressed! I guess right now all you can do is take it a moment at a time. You don't sound stressed, but maybe this is your body's way of releasing what's pent up? Maybe it would help to take 5-10 minutes of extra quiet time each day. (I know, good luck right?) Meditation is great for that sort of thing. I've been meaning to start doing that regularly again. I'm really impressed by the pace you keep. Just be sure to be taking some quality YOU time. Even if that means finding a sitter and just going out to a cafe for a coffee with nothing but a good trashy novel.


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                    I have this too. It makes my stomach feel like some bottomless pit, and there's a little hunger and nausea to it. I always get it between lunch (at 12:30) and dinner (at 8ish) at around 7pm. I know it's always this time because it is usually when I am commuting after work and as soon as I eat again, it's gone. It doesn't happen every day, and I haven't figured out if there's something specific I'm eating that's causing it.

                    I have cut out a lot, but not all dairy. I switched coconut milk for heavy cream and never buy cheese on my own but have it on other occasions.

                    I have been taking 1 probiotic a day for about 4 months, and fish oil.

                    If you figure it out keep posting~!