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    Ok, I'm all for the barefoot, VFFs, minimalist footwear & all... however there are occassions which call for something else.
    Last year I bought a pair of shoes from a sidewalk vendor in town for the weekend. He could tell right away that a women's shoe wouldn't work for me (bunions) & offered a boy's size for me to try. Very light & airy running-type shoe. Then he informed me that they were water shoes & showed me the "drains" underneath! They were only $25ish & I thought they would be good in Mexico.
    This year I did take them to Mexico & they were great for the jagged rocks on the coast where we were. Then last month I ran the Warrior Dash (Rockies) in them. They were awesome! Everyone else donated their (more expensive) shoes as they were pretty groady afterwards, but I just washed mine, hung them out to dry & they're good as new! I use them to hike/run around the mountains/creeks where I live, sometimes to work in the restaurant kitchen (nice & airy) etc. They aren't the overly padded, stiff "running shoe". Just mainly a mesh upper & sole with drains. For the price, they were MORE than worth it.
    so, here's their website (I finally read the shoe & googled the name)
    In case anyone is interested...

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    I like my VFFs but I'm not sure they like my feet very well, so I've been contemplating alternatives. So, thanks for the link! It looks like these still have a relatively substantial sole, so I'm not sure they'll give me the ground feel I'm hoping for... hmm...

    Meanwhile I've been running around in socks and in some leather-soled sort of Danskin slipper things, which will wear out promptly no doubt...
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      Nike Free
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        I love my Feiyue martial arts shoes. $20 at Amazon. You can wring it like a rag, and with a little extra padding in the forefoot. It was worn by the martial artists at the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics. My 2 pairs (black and white) have lasted over a year, and I bought extras assuming they would wear quickly but I'm still on my first pairs. I wear them when I'm not barefoot. I actually played some tennis in them the other day (not intentionally) and played for about 45 mins before starting to get hot spots.


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          @jenny "...these still have a relatively substantial sole" the pictures are a bit deceiving on that. I found them to allow quite a bit of "ground feel". I was looking them up on line because I didn't know how long they'd last... I've worn them quite a bit to work in the restaurant & alot of shoes can't handle that. I just loved their performance for the Dash (& clean-up afters)

          Thanks for the other tips gang! A girl can Always use more shoes