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  • Grok's Allergies

    After falling off the wagon a few days ago and eating wheat for the first time in a long time, I'm now dealing with the return of a sinus condition I'd had every single day pre-PB and which had totally disappeared after a few months on this WOE. When I'd gone to the doctor for this in my previous life, I was given antibiotics for infections and pills to help drain the sinuses. "It's just(!) allergies, everyone gets them," I was told. No discussion about what might have caused the allergies, or how to make them go away, just treat the symptoms.

    The return of my symptoms got me thinking, What if Grok got allergies? Can you imagine what would have happened if he'd been allergic to nature? At what point did we as a species begin to accept this condition as "normal?"

    OK, getting pissed now... "Everyone gets them?" WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OURSELVES?!

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    I think part of it has to do with our manipulation of the environment, too - we are exposed to non-native flowering plants and more abundant pollinators, perhaps, than Grok. In addition, we aren't exposed to as many animals or other potential allergens as children - and there is some evidence to suggest that early exposure to allergens actually prevents allergies later.

    So it's not just that we messed up our bodies. It's also the air filters, landscaping, and ultra-clean households as well...