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anyone know a good way to deal with sciatica pain?

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  • anyone know a good way to deal with sciatica pain?

    i have a bunch of bulging discs in my back from my former life, and i'm guessing that one of them is putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. the pain is usually bearable, sometimes (like today) really annoying, and sometimes non-existent. i see a chiropractor once a month who really helps me out, but i'm wondering if anyone knows of any good tricks to make the pain subside when it's flaring up.

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    If you mean the pain running down the back of your buttocks to your upper hamstring area, then yes, I have dealt with that myself. For one, avoid sitting too much. Converting to a standing desk at work made a huge difference for me. Walking and stretching the hamstrings help. Tight hamstrings from sitting and working out will surely aggravate the sciatic nerve. Also, this particular yoga move can relieve any disc pressure, if you have any, that could also be aggravating that area:


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      I sciatica a couple years ago. It was very painful all day long and kept me from being able to workout effectively. I found that getting an inversion table and using it several times a day really helped to get me pain free again. To this day, I invert every morning before to work to help my back heal and stay strong. I have no lower back issues or pain these days.
      My advice get an inversion table and use it. Make sure you hang all the way upside down (I got used to doing it quickly). I have a routine where I do inverted squats and sit ups every day as a workout while I'm on it too. I very strongly recommend one to anyone that has a back bone.


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        Standing reverse lunges help my husband, as well as planks and butt bridges.
        Do them slowly under control, and make sure you're pushing through your heels, not the ball of your feet.


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          If you are sure that its caused by a bulging disc then I don't have an answer for you. I do know that sciatica like pain can also be caused by a tight inflamed piriformis.

 (the stretch at the bottom of the page is one of the best in my opinion)

          I also recommend getting a foam roller and doing some self myofascial release work.


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            Foam roller your T spine or regain mobility
            Work on hip mobility
            No forward bending or twisting

            Do planks, side planks, bird dogs and swimmers (start with just opposite arm/leg and work up to full swimmer)


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              thanks everyone. i'll definitely have to try and sit less...though this time of year i'm driving all over the place for most of the day, so some of those stretches will really help.
              i think i would really like an inversion table. any recommendations, daemonized? i just looked up a couple and it seems like a purchase i could handle (just under $100 on amazon).


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                Check out the book "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno. It's a totally alternative look at back pain. Worked wonders for me.


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                  I had sciatica during my first pregnancy and the only thing that helped that time was walking a lot. I had it for again for a few days a month or so ago and walking plus some stretching helped. The first stretch in this video was probably the most helpful.


                  Hope you get some relief soon.


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                    It looks like you got a lot of good info. If you are driving a lot, then you need to stop frequently and get out and move around, the same would go for prolonged sitting at a desk. Learn to do transverse abdominus sets while driving and seated pelvic clocks/rocking to help maintain mobility, and stretch, stretch, stretch. The piriformis, hamstrings and hip flexors.

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