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  • What do you guys buy online?

    I live in a fairly small town with no real outlet to buy good organic condiments, and bulk items. The Kroger's is getting better at carrying some items, but options are limited. There is one "health food" store in town but they have mostly dry goods and suppliments although they do have limited supplies of frozen veggies and fruits.

    I would like to find a good online supplier with reasonable prices for nuts, grain free flours, and dried fruits, organic oils, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I tend to go with Amazon, as they're fairly reliable. I'd have to say though that you're best off googling said ingredient, finding manufacturers and comparing prices- and keep a list handy.


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      If I lived in the US I would buy this What a great deal, so much cheaper than making my own. Mmm mmm. I'm sure their meats are good too. All grass fed and whatnot.
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        a friend recommended to me. I haven't bought anything yet, but I plan to. She buys chia seeds from it.


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          coconut oil, creamed coconut, some spices, and supplements from amazon. Meat from (they also have pastured pork, lamb, bison, buffalo, goat, and chicken).
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            US Wellness Meats for beef, chicken, etc, Vital Choice for wild salmon, Tropical Traditions for coconut oil and cream, coconut toothpaste and soaps, pastured eggs, and I am going to order some pastured chicken from them tonight or tomorrow ...


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              I get this online.


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                We belong to a few food co-ops. I see you're in the SE. Perhaps this one might be an option for you: It's not from solely certified organic farms, but they do investigate and stick w/ either minimal intervention or uncert. organic (where they go check out the farms and see for themselves what the farmers are doing). So far, we've only done the raw almonds and the cherries. I've been tickled beyond belief at the quality of both. (If the quantity puts you off, you might see if friends or family would like to go in w/ you, or take up canning/freezing - the price is hard to beat.) I'm gearing up to get the apples!

                We also order from Shekinah-Farm's co-op. (they organize it - it's not "their" stuff) - there are some great items in that, and Christie is fantastic.

                A friend orders nuts from Oh Nuts and the nutsonline listed above. She said it's all been good.

                Amazon's a godsend, particularly if you're either a procrastinator, or just impatient, and you spring for the Prime Membership. (If you're both, you'll never, ever regret getting it. LOL!)
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