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Please review and help if you can.

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  • Please review and help if you can.

    I found a girl on YahooAnswers who's views on food are gonna starve her. I've answered her question the best I can and I was hoping a few more people from the community would go there and lend their voice/expertise to the case.

    ~ Willow
    ~ I don't talk to people with closed minds; they tend to harbor brain fungus. ~

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    I would, but posting about primal eating was what got me banned from Y! A in the first place! I was reported about 30 times! Apparently I was promoting dangerous practices and my posts weren't in the spirit of the community (yet telling a 10 year old how to become anorexic, apparently, was!) I've given up on places like Y! A and iVillage. Been banned from the latter too, for the same reason!
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      Good to know... but it won't change my actions.

      I'm just too much of a softy I guess. I'll make a bazillion "throwaway" emails if I need to to help some of these kids. You can tell they want the help and the last thing they need is the ones who care giving up, cause all they'll be left with is thinspiration.
      ~ I don't talk to people with closed minds; they tend to harbor brain fungus. ~


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        ETA: my apologies to anyone that I unjustly accused of trolling

        Don't let Donk and Durianrider suck up your time guys. Add them to your ignore list and move along.

        Add to ignore by clicking on their names in any of their posts.
        On the profile page, one of the options (along with pm or send email) is IGNORE THIS USER.
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