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Husband not on board with my eating plan

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    My husband was not on board when I started this. He is slowwwwly coming around. He eats primally when I cook because that's what I make. And he respects my diet choices enough to cook primally when he prepares the meal - or to at least get my "ok" for a "20% cheat" meal.

    He's been asking for fewer and fewer foods, which is good! But, when I started I'd still buy him the things he asked for (within reason). My choices shouldn't be forced on him. And, honestly, life is about choices and control. I'm in control of my decisions. What I eat. What I drink. Whether or not I exercise. When I was truly finally ready to change, I wasn't tempted by the cookies anymore and the "choice" was easy. Just like when I quit smoking. Once I was truly committed to changing (quitting), the temptations were no longer temptations.
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      I have the same issues. I'm to the point where I just do my thing, and let everything else fall where it may. Without even saying a word, a lot of my habits are wearing off on the rest of the family. No one has buns with burgers anymore, we cut way down on potatoes, etc.

      As for having the food around, in a weird way, I almost look at it as a challenge. I spoon up ice cream for my wife and kids for dessert, then sit down to a cup of green tea and chat with them while they're having it. I cook pancakes if everyone is really craving them, then sit down to some coffee while they eat. In my mind I'm telling the ice cream and pancakes "kiss my ass you disgusting little bastard". I just smile and enjoy the smell. The feeling I get from saying no to that crap is better than the taste of the food.

      It is funny though, I think they're closer to being primal now than they'd be had I been trying to really push it on them.


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        Originally posted by r_squared02 View Post
        A funny (to me) story that helps illustrate what I'm trying to say: A couple of days ago was my MIL's birthday. In keeping with tradition, we all got together at their house and had an icecream cake. I declined to have any and my hubby started in on me - you LOVE icecream, she never eats anything anymore, blah blah blah... His mom and his SIL were both like, hello! Look at her, I wish I had that kind of will power! Leave her alone, she looks great. I was beaming and hubby shut his face!
        Ha classic. You didn't happen to get all that on video did you? :-)


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          Think of it this way -- the self-discipline you'll need at home is good practice for the self-discipline you'll need in other places with food offered. Visiting friends who want you to eat their latest pie, etc. Can't control other people's food everywhere, and it's not really fair to him to outright ban foods he's still wanting.

          That said, I do hope he will at least be able to accept that this is something _you_ want to do.
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            It's not about forcing him to do anything or change anything,I just want/need him to understand that I am doing this for me,so I can be a better me,in better shape and better I can concentrate on us rather than on my ever growing list of health issues...

            I think there is a part of him that is uncertain about this mostly because I might look different or my personality/attitude might be change.....

            I think the best plan for me right now would to reorganize the kitchen/food storage so that the things he wants to eat that I am placing on my "NO" list are in a spot just for him.........he's not all that bad,and is getting better,we went shopping together this afternoon,and the only junk food thing he asked for was veggie chips(they're potato based things colored with veggie juice).While I picked out lots of high protein foods and lots of fruits and veggies....he even spotted for me some divided lunch containers to make taking lunch to work easier.

            I know he cares about me,and about us,I just hope that he can find a way to understand what it is I am trying to do.


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              OK, it was hard to tell with the original post, since it sounded like your definition of support from him was for him to either join you or entirely stop getting the kinds of foods he wanted.

              Don't get me wrong, I understand it would be easier without the temptations around at all! Sounds like your food-reorganization plan will work well.

              Maybe with your yummy food in the easiest to get to spots, he'll start diversifying his diet in a healthy way of his own accord.
              "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                I could only hope.......