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  • Some advice needed.

    I make green smoothies for my mother and she will stop by my apartment during the week while I am at work to pick them up. Yesterday she left my refrigerator door open. I came home from work and it was completely room temperature in the fridge and it was 78 degrees in the apt. I just went shopping at whole foods and have an uncooked package of expensive bacon, a tub of butter from grass fed cows, pork chops and sausage I cooked the night before and lots of other stuff, not to mention the 30 dollar bottle of Carlsons fish oil that is practically full. Is it safe to keep this stuff? I calculate the door was open for about 9 to 10 hours.

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    I would count it as a loss. There's a four hour window for anything about 45 F. I've taken the food safety course required for owning/managing a food service.
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      I'd freeze anything you're not eating immediately. As you thaw it, give it the old smell test and make sure you cook it thoroughly.

      disclaimer: I accept no responsibility if you die of food poisoning.


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        I'd cook everything cookable right away as long as it smells okay. Then freeze the cooked food if it's too much to eat in a reasonable time period.

        Don't worry about the butter and fish oil. They'll be fine.

        Personally, I'd be totally okay with the raw stuff if it smells okay.

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          i think you're fine. if something smells bad, get rid of it, but otherwise just keep it and eat it. grok didn't have a refrigerator. refrigerators certainly do keep food safe, but what they really do is just keep food fresh. i think a lot of what we keep in there can be out for a while without much worry.


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            Thank you for the replies. I was a little nervous about it.

            dragonmamma - lol!


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              I agree with keeping it, but would definitely at a minimum re-heat things that we previously cooked just to be on the safe side.

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                The bacon and butter are almost certainly fine - smoked and cured = preserved, and butter, though it can go rancid, is pretty inert. The meat is pretty much your choice - "the safety zone" is aggressively overzealous and designed for restaurant food safety - but it's also based on reality. Bacteria grows quickly at a certain temp, and some of those bacteria are still poisonous even after being cooked. That said, I'd probably be more concerned with the electricity bill, personally, though I'd probably consider chucking the sausage, assuming it's fresh (ie not precooked or smoked), since ground meat breeds bacteria much faster than cut meat does.


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                  I agree. Give it the smell test and cook all the uncooked stuff that passes the smell test right away then freeze/refrigerate according to your consumption rate. The butter and fish oil should be fine. The other cooked stuff should be ok to refrigerate again, just eat it sooner rather than later.
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                    Hmm, the bacon is uncured, does that mean it is not safe to keep it?

                    I hadn't even thought about the electricity bill? Oh boy!


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                      It sounds like a chance to cleanse your colon and play the "is this okay" game. :lol
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