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Healing from the inside out? (Sick of being sick!)

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    Originally posted by jimpag View Post
    I really feel for you. Have you tried an elimination diet? Even for stuff you think youre tolerating, including spices, herbs etc. I know myself I break out from dairy and nuts, also have some problems with fruits and nightshades.

    And also have you tried to pause the vitamins/supplements, and then reintroducing one at a time to see if youre sensitive to any of them? I started to break out like crazy some time after I started to add more supplements, didnt figure that out right away but I then paused all for a week and reintroduced one at a time and I was able to pinpoint a couple that broke me out.

    Other then that, best thing Ive done for my facial acne is probably to not use any products at all on my face. I only use water, not even every day, more every second day, and I barely splash water on my face and then pat dry super gently.

    And also, give this lifestyle a long chance, it takes time to reverse years and years of bad/conventional habits
    Hey, thanks a lot for the advice/support.

    I've tried a strict elimination diet but it didn't help, and my current diet is pretty strict anyway.

    As far as acne, I need to use Retin-A because I have indented scarring that I want to minimize, but I'm trying to stop using my other products little by little. I tried the water-only thing before and my skin went CRAZY. Must be nice not to have to slather chemicals on your face every day!

    I might stop the supplements for a bit just to make sure they're ok as far as breakouts goes; sounds like a good idea. And your last point about the importance of giving this lifestyle time to fix years of damage makes sense. Just gotta be patient, I guess!
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