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Primal and amalgam (mercury) fillings

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  • Primal and amalgam (mercury) fillings


    First time posting. Thanks to all you guys for being here. Before I stumbled upon this wonderful site, I felt like I was alone and a weirdo for living the way I do. It's funny, I was eating meat, but even though I knew nothing about PB, I had an urge to give up all grains, even gluten free ones, and to eat primarily vegetables.

    I've been primal for 2 months now and I haven't felt this good physically or mentally since I was a child. Also, gluten free, dairy free for 9 months. Although I'm happy with my current results, I can't seem to shake some things. I've always had dandruff, lot's of dead skin, and bouts of depression and esteem issues. I also had candida (I'm a male), which has been linked to amalgam fillings. On PB, those particular issues have subsided a bit, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my amalagms have something to do with it. I plan to take them out soon, I have 10 total.

    Did anyone on PB have their amalgams removed? If so, how was your experience? I've heard many stories about great recoveries after removal, one person I know said they were no longer tired.


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    Sorry, haven't had mine out - just wanted to post to share that I've heard you really must find a specialist to do the removal, someone who takes special precautions to ensure you don't get a sudden, huge dose of the remaining mercury during the procedure.


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      Leave those fillings alone! This is one of those myths created by folks so they could make money by removing amalgams. Here's a recent thread on the subject with some good info:
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        Thanks for the response, but I didn't post this for debate, I just want to know peoples experiences after the procedure.


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          Understood - but if you said you were determined to walk in front of a moving train to cure your diabetes, I'd probably still try to stop you As has been mentioned, you'll be exposed to more mercury during the removal process than you ever will if you leave them alone.

          A while back consumer reports published a book on health care schemes and frauds, and had this to say about amalgam removal:

          "In CR's view, dentists who purport to treat health problems by ripping out fillings are putting their own economic interests ahead of their patients' welfare. The false diagnosis of mercury-amalgam toxicity has such harmful potential and shows such poor judgment on the part of the practitioner that CR believes dentists who engage in this practice should have their license revoked."

          As a health care provider myself, it drives me crazy to see people being taken advantage of with scare tactics and pseudoscience. Heck, that's why a lot of us here chose to go primal!


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            I had all my horrible mercury (highly toxic!) fillings taken out last year. Make sure you have a dentist who will use a dental dam. I also had some sort of mask or nasal prongs (?), but it might just have been the nitrous oxide which I asked for (for an extra charge that your insurance will not cover). The dentist and the assistant were extra-protected as well. They weren't *quite* in haz mat suits, but it seemed like it at the time. This gives you an idea of how toxic this crap is. I also took activated charcoal tablets afterwards, which binds to heavy metals. There's a whole protective protocol for both before and after the mercury is removed which you can follow to the extent you wish.

            I am very glad to have those fillings out, but I have not noticed an improvement in my energy level (still just as fatigued) or Candida or dandruff (which are related, BTW). PB has helped in those regards more than having the mercury out. See the excellent recent thread on Candida. I've implemented some of the suggestions I wasn't doing and have already seen improvement.

            That said, would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Two friends also had theirs out, and they feel the same.

            P.S. My dental insurance paid for a goodly chunk of this! But I think it was because the fillings I had were older than 10 years.
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              Oh, another thing to indicate how toxic the mercury is:
              Setting up all the precautions took longer than the actual removal of the fillings (I probably had about 10, like you) and placing the amalgam.
              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                I've read that the only way to go, if you're planning to remove them, is the Andy Cutler protocol. Not what you're asking, I know, but just wanted to share that. I also found this link really helfpul irt this topic:

                Personally, I'm focusing on getting nutrient dense foods that help support my detox pathways so that I can mobilize any released mercury in a natural manner. I feel the mercury overload at the time of removal would be more toxic *for me* than just leaving them in, so that's where I am in this...

                Sorry to go OT from your original question, just felt the urge to post!! I'm certain eating pb could only help you get through whatever you end up doing though!!!

                Good luck!!!
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                  I've been switching from mercury to composite gradually - only as old fillings become worn and need to be replaced. What I've heard is that mercury fillings can last longer than composite fillings, and that it takes more skill to set composite fillings properly so that the duration is comparable to mercury. Which is a main reason why some dentists still use mercury, because it's easier to work with ... (I've been getting my dental work done in a mercury-free dental shop, so they also take proper precautions like using a dental dam).

                  Mercury fillings can cause the most damage when being removed, so it's not generally recommended to go whole hog and do them all at once. However, mercury fillings will have to come out at some point in your life and be replaced, so from that perspective it makes no sense to ever get new filings put in as mercury!

                  If you have different types of metal in your mouth, this can be a problem, as there can be a low level current between these metals (e.g. gold caps and mercury fillings).

                  If you've only been primal for two months, it can take longer than that to really benefit from certain corrections in the diet, in particular eating a low omega-6/ high omega-3 diet. Correcting the omega3/6 imbalance can make a big difference in health, but takes months and years to make a change.

                  I never noticed any health improvements from having the mercury removed. Big improvements from cutting out grains. Big improvements on the omega3/6 ratios. Big improvement by eating whole foods only. Big improvement in digestive health by eating a high-tuber diet (lots and lots of sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes). Also a noticeable improvement by drinking filtered water and filtered shower head (specifically filtering out chlorine, which can disturb gut flora).

                  I think your mileage may vary with mercury removal. A few people may be especially sensitive, or have other underlying problems such as the mercury/gold battery-in-the-mouth effect, and see great relief from it. But for many people it's only a tiny incremental improvement to health.

                  I would also look to make sure other indicators of health are in-place, in particular with dry skin problems you'd want to take body temperature measurements ( to see if you're close to the optimal range of 36.5 to 37 C. Eating a tuber-rich, high-carb diet was helpful for me here, as this raised my body temperature by 0.7 C over a 6 week period, and had minor improvements in quality of skin (and I had major improvements in skin quality when I switched to primal last year and began consuming more butter and coconut oil instead of garbage like canola and soybean oil).


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                    I have had all my mercury fillings out and replaced with composite fillings. Not for any health reasons, but for vanity. Someone took this dreadful photo of me on my 40th birthday with my mouth nearly wrapped around a piece of cake and all I could see was a black mouth. Yuk. My best friend is a dentist and I had to see her for a complicated thing (which I forget what its called, not a crown, but something to do with one of the nerves dying off) and I said I think I'll start replacing all my fillings. She gave me a good price and we did it over several months. It looks SOOOOOOOO much better and I kind of look at it as a maintenance issue. I never noticed any difference in how I felt with regard to tiredness or anything so I personally doubt that it makes a difference. I havent really noticed any great energy spurts for giving up grains mostly either.


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                      a comment: you likely would not feel any different after taking the fillings out (any of you who have done that) as the mercury is still in your system. It doesn't remove itself of its own accord (hence why you get mercury poisoning in the first place) without chellating it. Apparently this can be done on a low-level over an extended period of time by taking high quantities of natural chellaters like garlic, cilantro, milk thistle and others. However, for high-levels of mercury you should undergo medically-supervised chellation - and even that can take up to a year of treatments to lower your toxicity. Mercury's a bitch to get rid of, and apparently has all sorts of impacts on your health.

                      To read more about this from an MD who first cured himself of mercury poisoning and then gone on to do it with hundreds/thousands of others, I highly, highly recommend the book the Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman.


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                        I had my mercury fillings replaced with composites a little over 3 months ago, and the results were dramatic. I was very ill, with chronic fatigue and a feeling of screaming in my head, and my energy and tolerance for outside stimulation improved the instant I got the fillings removed by a holistic dentist. I had not had the energy to exercise for months, and the day after the first fillings were removed I had energy to burn and hiked up a hill. My health had improved a lot already by going gluten, dairy, legume, grain, and sugar free several months before, and I am still not totally well even after the mercury removal and diet adjustments, but I had become extremely ill about two years ago and now I believe the main reason was mercury toxicity. Part of why you feel better right away is the absence of metals that create electricity in your head. You don't realize it's there, but then the fillings come out and it's as if a lawnmower which was blaring constantly in your head has been shut off and there is quiet. My vision also improved, which my dentist told me is very common, as mercury depresses many systems in and around your head including your eyes and ears. I still have a lot of work to do chelating, but I know that I would not be getting better right now if I did not have the mercury removed from my head. Signs that the diet was not the whole answer were that I was getting increased brain fog and starting to get arthritis in my hands, therefore I knew there must be further toxicity to address. A hair test and an MRI also confirmed mercury poisoning (MRI showed multiple brain lesions).
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                          I had mercury poisoning too. 3 years on from getting my 7 amalgam fillings replaced - I have never had more energy and vitality. Autoimmune symptoms are much improved.

                          All my amalgam fillings were put in by a greedy corrupt NHS dentist while I was a child. I have needed no fillings in the 28 years since, as I've never had any dental decay.

                          I've cut down massively on tuna consumption too, and eaten a lot of cilantro and green tea for chelation.

                          The symptoms of mercury poisoning only return when I start losing fat at more than 4 lb a month, as mercury is dumped in fat cells.
                          F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.