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Polyps and PB

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  • Polyps and PB

    I have been going Primal for about 4 months now. I had physical last month and found out I had a small polyp on my gall bladder. No real big deal at this point but will need to do followup sonogram in a couple of months.
    I didnt really talk to the doctor about specific diet. Has anyone had something similar? Is there a need to change or modify the paleo /primal diet?

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    i have been concerned about PB eating too since my family has a history of colorectal cancer and i recently had some polyps removed too. CW tells us that eating red meat increases the risk of such cancers however this seems to be based largely on indirect studies. browsing the site i also found this post which helped:

    also check out this from the WHO.

    the WHO categorise animal fats as "possible/insufficient" risk factors although preserved meat is in the "probable" category. however "overweight and obesity" are categorised as "convincing increased risk factors" and exercise as a "convincing decreased risk". this suggests to me that i am better off keeping my weight under control and leading a healthy lifestyle (similar to the goals of PB no...?) rather than going vegan.

    for now i am comfortable with my choice to eat primally (i eat meat or fish at nearly every meal, very often red meat) and feel much better than when i was loading up on complex carbs however I am keeping my eyes and my mind open for new developments here. please post anything you find relevant.