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Sore toe with KSO-treks

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  • Sore toe with KSO-treks

    I have been wearing my KSO-treks for 2 days now and my big toe gets really sore across the nail and underneath where it touches the ground. Will the shoe stretch a bit as I walk more to make it more comfortable or are they just not a good fit?

    Other than that, I LOVE them. They are so comfortable.

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    Make sure your nails are trimmed short if they are not already. I found that helped quite a bit. I also developed a bit of a hot spot around the bottom of my big toe near the ball of my foot initially. I just made sure I took them off if I started to get a little sore, and I started putting in a bit of baking soda. After about a week of increasing my time around the house and in the yard they stretched a bit, my toes were much more comfortable all over, and no more hot spots. Now I can go about 5.5 miles on a hike after 6 weeks with no problems. I cannot go further yet....start to get some warm/wear spots in a couple areas if I go further. Being careful I have had any blisters or problems like that. I wear them 5-6 days a week for hiking, crossfit, and trail runs.
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      Come to think of it, ever since I've worn VFFs, my big-toe nails have come off. Not sure it's just the sprinting or what.


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        Thanks Meadow, I did trim my nails thinking that would help, and it did for a while but then the pain started up again. I will keep pushing through and hope I did not waste my money...

        Godzilla, do you mean the toe nail separated from the nail bed? Ouch!


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          Yeah but not really sore. Sorta like how you get black toenails that fall off when running long distances. Don't know if it's a fungus thing.


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            Ouch! You know, I've never had this problem with my KSOs. You might want to see if it's a sizing issue. And no, I don't think Vibrams stretch-- mine are more comfortable than when I first got them, but I attribute that more to my feet adjusting to them than them adjusting to me.
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              I am pretty sure mine stretched a little bit, but not much. If your toe is jammed into the end they may be a bit too tight, if you have a little space you are probably ok. One thing to try is after you put the shoe on make sure your heel is slid all the way back in the heel cup before tightening the strap.
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                Make sure that before you strap them, you slide your heel back. This will give you max toe room. I do this for KSO's when running, but not with KSO-Treks for "work shoes".

                The Treks did stretch too.


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                  Thanks, I was more careful getting my foot in today and it was more comfortable, so we are on the way. I also use my kso-treks for everyday walking.