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The 'Financial" Primal Blueprint

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  • The 'Financial" Primal Blueprint

    In the good spirit of living primally, I thought I would share another 'primal-type' experience. This experience wasn't related to diet or exercise, but can be attributed to stress and potential unhealthy effects. I am talking about money.

    My wife just got on board with the primal lifestyle (I have been on board for a few weeks now). We were in the process of cleaning out all of the CW foods from our cupboards and I made the comment that "you know your doing things right when all of your friends think your crazy". I was being somewhat sarcastic, since I don't want to be considered a crazy person, but to those who subscribe to CW like holy scripture...I AM a crazy person!! Throw out all of your bread, wheat, pasta, and cereal....are you CRAZY?!??!

    Now what does any of this have to do with finances. Not a whole lot, except I was providing some background story . The comment I made though, I didn't make that up on my own. That is a comment from Dave Ramsey regarding his financial program. Dave Ramsey is a well known financial person who has a radio show and tv show to teach people about finances. It is a program that, if you follow it, can lead to a life that we all dream of - no financial worries, no chains of debt to hold us back, generous donations and giving, and lots of fun.

    At the core, it is taking us back to our 'primal' days of finances (most of our grandparents) where you saved your money for the things you wanted, you didn't accumulate debt, and you didn't have credit cards. Life without a credit card, financially speaking, is going against the financial CW analogous to life without bread, wheat, pasta, or cereal.

    For those of you who have decided to make a change in your life by going primal, I urge you to extend that change to your financial life as well.

    Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover, was given to me as a gift. I read it, was moved by it (similarly to how I was moved by Mark's book), and decided to make a change.

    Just wanted to share my experience with all of you, who have shared your primal blueprint experiences with me! Enjoy!

    "If you can life like no one else, than you can life like no one else" -Dave Ramsey

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    I like Dave Ramsey a lot... and I definitely think that parallels from the PB can be drawn to a "financial PB" . Grok definitely planned ahead and saved for a rainy day, so to speak. Or, he had a plan of action for the future in case things went wrong. If he didn't, he would die. Plain and simple. Moreover, I'm sure grok didn't weigh himself down with needless accessories...only what he truly needed to live and thrive.

    I've been able to enjoy substantial savings over the last year by finding good primal food deals and preparing food myself. Moreover, I can take comfort in the fact that by investing in good health now (at the age of 24), I will undoubtedly save a bundle in the future by preventing health problems down the road.

    Dan Gilbert's book, stumbling upon happiness, is a fantastic analysis of the nature of human happiness. His cutting edge research shows that material possessions beyond basic essentials actually contribute nothing to increased happiness. We really don't need to spend all that money on all that shit. Excuse me. His TED talk is fantastic and I highly recommend it:


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      Dave Ramsey has some great ideas and has helped thousands of people change their lives for the Better. We have been 100% Debt free for over a decade, and I will never go back. I don't borrow money for anything, if we can buy it with cash we don't buy it, period.


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        I haven't had a credit card in years. I have a debit card that can be accepted like a credit card, but it debits from my account. I wouldn't touch credit again with a ten-foot pole.
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          I'm so close to being completely debt free I can almost taste it! And I bought my used car in cash... voila!

          I hate debt and credit cards.


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            I think that one of the reasons why I was drawn to the Primal lifestyle was because of the emphasis on simplicity. I'm 100% debt free -- even paid off my mortgage this year. I don't need all that stuff in my life -- or as my mom always said, "I own things. Things do not own me." I do have credit cards, but I use them for very specific reasons, and I *never* carry a balance. In an ideal world, I'll be able to retire from the day job in 7 years, when I'm 55, thereby "simplifying" my life even more.
            If I don't live my dream, who will?


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              Agreed with rozska. Credit cards aren't bad. Not paying your balance every month is bad. [blanket statement]If you don't have the funds or discipline to pay your credit card bill in full every month, you shouldn't be using a credit card. [/blanket statement] For safety and protection purposes, I'd prefer to have my credit card lost or stolen than cash or my ATM card.


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                Sweet! Another Dave Ramsey fan! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dave for getting my butt straightened out financially. Dave totally rocks.


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                  Dave has such a fun style to listen to and read. I use his podcasts while bored to death cleaning the house. He draws so many parallels between losing weight and losing debt.

                  Every few days, there's a caller who's life is falling apart, most likely b/c of CW in food - enormous hospital bills b/c of constant illness (one family had 4 of 5 members bleeding out the ears from ear infections!), sudden heart attacks leaving widows in dire financial straits, etc. - and I just wish he knew the truth about food, too.

                  Ah, we can only be so perfect.

                  We're working on paying down the mortgage - got it on a 3-5 year goal right now! We also use credit cards, but have never once in our lives not paid it off at the end of the month. If that time ever came, I'd throw them all away and never use them again.
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                    Yep - this is how we live. No debt and we pay for any major purchses out of savings. We have a certain amount that we don't dip below (it's for extreme emergencies) and if we do use savings to pay for something - we make darn sure that our highest priority is to pay 'us' back. I have a peace of mind that I've never had about money before. Knowing you can pay for things is ever so much more fun that spending for things and hoping you can cover it.

                    That said we do have a credit card that we use for travel and online purchases that we pay off every month (when we use it). It has all kinds of travel insurance (rental cars, lost luggage, etc) and purchase protection. I don't like to use a debit card for online transactions because if the number is compromised - the bank account is cleaned out and you're broke while you wait for your claim to be processed.


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                      Originally posted by Griff View Post
                      I haven't had a credit card in years. I have a debit card that can be accepted like a credit card, but it debits from my account. I wouldn't touch credit again with a ten-foot pole.
                      +1 --- Same as Griff i use a debit card,best way to keep a rein on your money and resist temptation to purhase stuff that is not really necessary.


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                        I'm a Dave Ramseyite too. I've been through the debt free journey, saved my emergency fund, saved for a downpayment on a house.

                        Since my FICO score isn't great because I've not used credit for a while, I found a bank that does manual underwriting. When I told them I was debt free, had money in the bank plus a healthy down payment, they couldn't wait to give me a mortgage.

                        It really does go with the primal lifestyle.
                        This stuff really works.
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                          Whenever I have relatives or friends who are getting married or moving in together I give them my little sermon -- live on one salary, save the 2nd salary. We paid cash for our house, have only ever paid cash for our cars, and when we decided we were ready to start a family and I would be home full time, we knew we could easily live on one income because that's all we've ever done. And yep, people think we're crazy.


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                            For buying stuff online, I use a virtual credit card number. (Discover card offers them, so do a few Visa companies.) It's a one-time number. If it gets hacked, they can't get at your accounts. This is one of the reasons why I have a credit card. I strongly suggest that if you buy stuff online use a card that gives you virtual numbers.
                            If I don't live my dream, who will?


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                              +1 for Dave Ramsey. He gets "churchy" a bit, but not preachy about it. But no debt is a Primal idea whose time has come!