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Senate Bill S510

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  • Senate Bill S510

    Depending on what you read, this bill is either no big thing or will be the end of the farmer's market.

    From the article at this link:

    If you trade or give your food away, or sell it at farmers markets, you are no longer considered growing for personal consumption which puts you in a category as a Community Supported Agriculture supplier, or so you forget what it actually means CSA’s for short. This is a whole world of difference because now your food has to be “traceable” That means if your neighbor little sally walker has a tummy ache, you need to be held accountable for giving her those bacteria laden zucchinis.
    o in other words you don’t grow it yourself, you probably aren’t going to get to eat it. Which is going to make you a pretty big ball of sad if you get most of your fruits and veggies from farmers markets.
    Anybody else heard anything about this bill? Wouldn't surprise me for the purveyors of CW to have lobbied to get something like this passed.
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    This sounds like something that Monsanto and Big Agriculture got their buddies in the Senate to pass. Farmer's markets are growing in popularity as are organics. I know I seldom buy food at the local chain grocery store anymore as I've opted for healthier local fare. Can't have that now, can we? Ugh. First I've heard of this bill. Don't like it at all.