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  • Issues with support:(

    I've just switched to Primal about 3 weeks ago and am AMAZED at how fast things transformed for me. Im so impressed with the results and the way I feel, but my family however is very unimpressed with the full fridge and the newly reclaimed shelf in the pantry. Both my parents hardly eat vegetables, and if we dont have pasta, we have rice and potatoes. Our main meals consisted of Cheesebread and takeout. Im starting to find mealtime very frustrating and Im wearing down on meals for one. Is anyone else dealing with low support, or have any good words of wisdom I can meditate on when my family is snarfing down the caramel sundaes?

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    You will be living a full happy life while they are sick with though carmel sundaes! Realizing that you feel the way you do because you aren't eat that crap should help.


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      How old are you?


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        That's a tough place to be. Wish I could think of something wise to tell you. About the best I can do is to suggest you come here often for support. Good luck!
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          I fell ya. I can't imagine not being in charge of the food in the husband is the one who's not so supportive. He switched over for meals easily enough, but I keep finding candy wrappers in his pockets when I do laundry or that he's bought McDonald's for lunch when I put the receipts into the checkbook. He's not willing to let go of his CW ways of working out either. That initial excitement I had over him being willing to give up cereal at breakfast has waned some.

          All I can say is stay strong! I find a lot of support on here and I look for ways I'm continuing to see success in my life. It may not be the case that I've won my husband over completely, but I do have more energy and don't crave the crap I used to. I'm holding onto that.

          Hopefully the results you're seeing will speak loud and clear to you and for you. Your parents have been eating the way they do for a very long time. Sometimes it's easier to be "comfortable" in our discomfort than make a change.

          Good luck.


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            Is it just the over-stuffed fridge that they're not happy about? How about buying one of those mini student/dorm fridges. I think you can get one at Sears for about a hundred bucks. If there's no room for it in the kitchen, stick it in your bedroom.

            How old are you? Are you buying your own food and/or doing any of the cooking? Maybe you could cut a deal with your mom; tell her you'll fix dinner every other night and clean-up afterwards. (That would work on me, I'll tell you that!). Cook an extra portion of whatever, and have that by yourself the next night with fresh side-dishes of veggies.


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              Hey there,
              Thats what we are here for! I had a similar reaction from my parents, but I then moved into a house with my boyfriend. He enjoys the food I make for him but is only primal when I make dinner. He has what he considers to be a "normal" breakfast and lunch. He also eats rubbish when he's not with me! He isn't against the idea, as I go on and on about the benefits and how great I feel, he just isn't committed enough to stick to it 24/7.

              All I can say is try and remember why you are doing it, and come on here as often as possible for the support. The people here are brilliant! My parents gave up rolling their eyes at me once they realised it wasn't a "phase" or a faddy diet I was following. I suspect your family may well get bored of making you feel this way eventually. I would also recommend Twitter if you aren't on there already. You can tweet how you are feeling, and people from here will "follow" you and add advice and guidance when you need it.
              Stick with it. Never give in


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                I'll second the suggestion on cooking shared meals. It's not too much work - you just cook the normal meal with extra veg for you, and give the potatoes/rice/pasta to them. They might even eat primal without noticing it.

                Give it another few weeks, and the caramel sundaes won't look anything like food to you. That's something I've noticed - while I was eating grains, not eating the sugary junk husband has lying around was Very Hard; nowadays I'd as soon eat the cardboard box. More fibre, anyway.


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                  Thanks everyone for the advice. Im 22 and I do my own grocery shopping. But I work 2 full time jobs so its a challenge doing the shared meals. I do try to cook once a week and freeze ALOT. Maybe I will just give it some more time, like Susie said, they might let off once they realize its not a fad or a get thin quick sceme. Ill be eating raw for the next week or two anyways, I came home yesterday to find our kitchen ripped out.. Good ol' Renovations haha. Thanks so much, I do consider this place my new best friend