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High Glucose level??? Can't understand why...

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  • High Glucose level??? Can't understand why...

    Been primal for 8 weeks - 100% on eating plan - with typical high fats from meats, avocados, nuts, etc - good amount of protein, veggies and fruit, but not too much fruit.

    Following exercise plan to a tee.

    I'm 43, 5'1", 112 lbs.

    I have always have quite low (30-40) glucose levels and was told I was prob hypoglycemic...WELL, got my blood taken and to my surprise my glucose level was 122 .....

    Has anyone else experienced this after starting Primal lifestyle??


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    This probably is way out in left field but, there has been some research regarding an enzyme called glycosyltransferase GnT-4a which enables the beta cells in the pancreas to properly sense blood glucose levels. Apparently a diet high in fat can block/interfere with the signaling to those beta cells, which leads to high blood sugar I said probably not what's happening, but your blood sugar shouldn't have pre-diabetic levels while on a low carb diet. sorry I couldn't be more help. I would imagine you fasted before getting your blood tested and weren't consuming fruit or anything sweet just before? To be on the safe side I would probably get an A1c blood test done.
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      Blood glucose in the 30-40 range are deffinately Hypoglycemic. Normal FASTING blood glucose is between 70-120, and don't sweat anything under 140.
      Fasting means nothing to eat or drink at all for 12 hours, though most won't quibble about some water.
      Sounds to me like going Primal is fixing your Hypoglycemia
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        Was it a 12 hr fast with no caffeine before the test? I know caffeine can spike blood just thought I would double check.

        I would not consider it an issue at this point.......I would say testing it down the road a couple times might not be a bad idea, but a single test with a spike would not be a concern (especially since it is not a huge spike really in the scheme of things).
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          Don't forget lab error. That can happen often.


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            Where did I read that fasting sugars are the last sugars to normalize?
            At least I hope I read that somewhere! The last time I tried mine was 8 which is 144 on your scale. I didn't worry about it because I thought I'd read that fasting sugars are the last to go. BTW hypoglycemia was my thing too.


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              Originally posted by Bisous View Post
              Don't forget lab error. That can happen often.

              Where did I read that fasting sugars are the last sugars to normalize?
              Anywhere that there is information about diabetes as that is definitely the case.

              My dad's is now hanging out around 85-95 but that's taken awhile and if his overnight fast is too long, his bg is up again as the liver pumps out glycogen for gluconeogenesis.

              When was yours up? How long was your fast?

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                thx guys.....def gonna have it re-taken - appreciate posts!