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    Yeah, I just smeared some on straight from the plant and that's helping a lot. I keep forgetting I have one.
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      I have a bad bad bad burn on my leg from a motorcycle muffler and I'm using only Manuka honey. I am AMAZED by how well this works.
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        Unscientific test: I burned both arms on the side of the oven within a few days. One got neat lavender oil, one got aloe gel; the burn that got aloe gel has gone while the scar's still visible on the other one. It was bigger in the first place - covered a larger area, that is - but not conspicuously worse.


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          My choice for any burn is to brew a pot of tea and then take the tea bags, let them cool, and apply them as a poultice to the burn.

          Then I drink the tea, of course. If you aren't a tea drinker, just soak some clean cotton (not stringy cotton balls) in the tea and apply that.

          Repeat as required.

          Works fine.
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            Aloe gel and vitamin E oil will really help.


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              butter when the burn is hot? bad news. butter when the burn is cool? good stuff. they tell you not to use it in first aid class cause people put it on when the burn is hot and make things worse (common sense ain't so common)