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  • Multivitamin Resource?

    Does anyone know a good online resource to buy high-quality multivitamins (other than MDA, of course)? Or any MDA product users?

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    For multi-vitamin, I use a local store brand which is really Centrum with the local store brand label on it. However you should not depend on just a multi-vitamin for supplements.

    While a multi-vitamin is a good start, you may also want to consider vitamin D3 and fish oil. I use Carlson's for both.

    I also take magnesium citrate, Dcotor's Best Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol w/Kaneka) and Twin Labs Nicain (as nicotinic acid) and some probiotics. I have also considered adding additional vitamin C and a few other supplements.

    Everyone is different so consider where you are at and what your goals are and then decide the best nutrition and lifestyle to achieve your goals.

    And welcome to the forum!
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      I've been looking into thorne.
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