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Article: Stone tools a million years older than thought

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  • Article: Stone tools a million years older than thought
    I grok, therefore I am.

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    Yeah, among other things it makes government health advice to go easy on meat look more than a little stupid, doesn't it?

    ... Lucy’s people ... were using tools and eating meat a thousand millennia before it was thought any of our ancestors had.
    Google search: government health meat

    They have no idea what they're talking about.


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      Wow, that is really interesting.


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        Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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          While interesting for sure, some scrapping on a few antelope bones is not proof that Australopithecus afarensis used stone tools when no stone tools have ever been found in that fossil record. It appears that the genus homo were the first, but you never know though, maybe the timeline for stone tools is further back than what has been discovered to date, but I wouldn't call it a slam dunk with this proof.
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            Very interesting stuff. I especially find this quote from the article interesting...
            “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was this meat consumption that eventually led to the expansion of the brain.”

            This leisure time and social interaction that meat-eating provided meant that the Homo genus creatures, like humans, had a huge head start in their evolution that researchers had never suspected, Alemseged says.
            ...and CW currently says that meat is bad for us?


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              Fascinating article. Thanks!


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                I read this this yesterday morning. Good article.


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                  Thanks for sharing - here is more about the research project that the article is based upon:

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