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  • Mosquito Bites

    Anyone have a good remedy? I was at a cookout over the weekend and was outside to the wee hours of the night barefoot and now am covered with mosquito bites on my legs and feet. They won't stop itching. Soaked them in an oatmeal bath last night and then covered them with a baking soda mixture. One of my friends has determined that they attacked me worse out of the group because the mosquitos must have thought I was a prehistoric animal with rare delicious least my friends are creative when they make fun of me.

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    Vinegar!!! Also, plantain weed, which is very common, but vinegar is usually the easiest to get a hold of. I keep it in a reclaimed bottle from lens cleaner for my glasses and keep it in our first aid kit (which is mainly vinegar, baking soda, & sodium ascorbate powder). Spray it wherever I need it. It's also great for sunburn.

    I've gotten vastly fewer bites the last two summers. We went camping this weekend and I got just 3 or 4 - I used to get 20-30 on each leg on a weekend like that, using strong bugspray (just used gentle California Baby and only used it twice). I'm certain it has to do with diet - I don't know if it's a stronger immune system that keeps me from reacting as strongly (are they not biting, or am I not reacting?) or, another theory I read recently, whether my more stable blood sugar is keeping them away. The theory was that low blood sugar attracts them, observing that diabetics apparently don't get bitten?
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      rubbing alcohol, dab on with cotton ball
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        Not sure if it would work for mosquito bites but it works for wasp, bee, and other insect bites/stings -- make a paste of water and meat tenderizer and dab it on skin. The meat tenderizer has enzymes that break down the proteins that cause the inflammation around the bug bite/sting. However, usually works best when applied soon after the bite or sting.

        Worth a try. In any case, best of luck getting over it ASAP.
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          mental fortitude. Don't scratch!