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Rash from ketosis?

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    Originally posted by Janice View Post
    I have this issue. And I only have this issue when in a state of ketosis. Which sucks. Because otherwise I love this lifestyle. But the recurring rash does give me pause and causes me to question whether this lifestyle is a healthful fit for me.

    And yeah, once the rash appears, nothing cures it but carbs. And the healing effect of the carbs is almost immediate.

    I too just got this rash when dropping from 100g carbs to 20g... I never tested for ketones but the rash sprang up within days and has gotten worse. Under my breasts and ribcage. Only itchy sometimes. Im gonna bump back up to 50g and see if that helps. I have cut out all white foods in the past and lost weight and never go this. This is my first go around with paleo low carb (with some dairy... Ive never drank milk).


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      I developed skin issues at the same time I went through low carb flu. I chalked it up to detoxing. Skin looks great now.