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    I am trying to reprogram my sleeping schedule after a few months on 3rd shift. I now work 4pm to midnight, come home and go right to bed so I can get up around 8 am. I am really tired of sleeping away my whole day and wanted to start using sunrise to help me wake up naturally. So I took off my window coverings that had prevented any light from coming into my bedroom during the day and found that I have some of my apartments courtyard lights that indirectly shine through my one window that faces east. The question is should I not worry about the courtyard lights at night, or should I board up the window and keep the room completely dark?
    I use an app on my iPhone that helps wake me up when I'm not in deep sleep and it seems to help. I really don't want to spend 100 bucks on one of those lighted alarm clocks, but sleep is very important to me. So what would be the better way to go in your opinion?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I would keep the windows covered at night to lessen the effect of artificial light on your sleep. Surely some natural daylight brightens your room a bit with sunrise? If not, I would recommend you get either a dawn simulator or just a timer you can plug a light into that will turn it on at a specified time (much less expensive). I have had a dawn simulator - the kind you plug a light into that gradually turns up the intensity over a 45 minute period. I absolutely love it, couldn't do without it in the winter when it is very very dark here in the mornings. I know they cost a hundred bucks, but they last forever. Mine is called the "Sun Rizer", basically a programmable rheostat. I wouldn't get one of the ones that has a lamp/light as part of it, just get one you can plug any lamp into.


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      i had my window completely sealed off to prevent any sort of light coming in while i was sleeping during the day. It made the room 100% dark. The light coming in at night is not bad, but its enough that i can see the outline of everything in the room easily.


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        You might want to change your window coverings from blackout to "room darkening" - something that will diminish the street light coming in at night, but will allow the room to brighten up some with sunrise.


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          I will give that a shot. Thanks for the help.


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            You can get blackout roller shades at your local Home Depot or Lowes for fairly cheap.

            As for one of those sunrise alarm clocks, I have and like the one by Homedics -

            You can find it for $35 to $50 online.

            You can disable the projector lens and cover up the actual time lens as well (awful bright blue light -- they should have used less irritating red light). You can connect any plug-in lamp to it and it will gradually dim the light on in the morning to simulate sunrise. I have a regular table lamp with an amber colored bulb in the lamp that simulates sunrise almost exactly like the real thing. I also use the rainforest bird chirping sound simulator that gradually gets louder as part of the wakeup alarm.
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              Another vote for sunrise clocks. I used one for many years. They are great. (Now I get to sleep and wake up whenever I feel like it. I only use an alarm clock a few times per year, and always wake up before it goes off.)
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                Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll put them to use and see how it works after a week or two.