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Too much energy leading to less sleep

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  • Too much energy leading to less sleep

    I'm about 4 weeks into primal living and recently I haven't been tired enough. lol

    Seriously though, I can't fall asleep at 10pm anymore, even after a whole day of class starting at 8am, weight lifting, and walking around, because I have too much energy. My mind is just racing constantly which is quite nice until I try to lay down and sleep.

    Has anyone else had a problem similar to this?

    Does anyone have any good advice on settling the mind down for easy drifting into sleep?


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    Originally posted by Benja View Post
    Has anyone else had a problem similar to this?
    Yes. It took about 8 weeks to resolve and I can sleep again

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      It took me 3 weeks to kick the low-carb induced insomnia.


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        I've been primal since april and my energy is still through the roof! I find if I keep my activity fairly minimal in the evening, like reading a book in a quiet room and avoiding the stimulation of tvs and computer screens, I can get some early rest. Maybe look at your evening routine to see how you can make it more "zen".
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          Just another side-BENEFIT of going primal... MORE ENERGY!!

          I need to do a blog post soon on primal side-BENEFITS!
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