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a question about food poisoning

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  • a question about food poisoning

    I think I had a dose of food poisoning last night, either that or the magnesium sup I took before bed didnt agree. I know there was nothing in my dinner that was dodgy as my partner was absolutely fine. However i had been to a function in the late afternoon (so about 4pm) and had a couple of small snacks there, namely 3 small minced chicken balls with chilli and a tiny itsy bitsy beef sandwich. (i have no problems with gluten intolerance by the way)

    so come 11.30 pm and my stomach was telling me to get up and go to the toilet and man oh man. I very nearly fainted, hot and cold sweats, severe cramping and we are talking watery runs (sorry TMI). SO thats like 7.5 hrs after those snacks - is that likely to be food poisoning so long after the event. It was over as quick as it started, I didnt have to get up again afterwards (although I did spend 20 unpleasant mins on the toilet). Or could it be the magnesium, I know i have read that it can act as a laxative. I've taken it for the last 4 or 5 nights in a row with no problems. Perhaps I have enough magnesium in my body.

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    Food poisoning isn't a one time event, generally, and usually includes cramping vomiting, etc, etc. Think somach flu type of fun. I'd put my money on magnesium.


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      but it is odd that i've been taking the mag for the last few days with no probs and then whammy. maybe i only need a mag supp once a week or something.


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        Yeah, it's been my understanding that if it's food poisoning, you should've felt it within the first couple of hours after consuming it. I had some similar feelings this week and considered it being the ground beef I ate the night before, but I was already 12 or so hours fasted.


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          Magnesium does build up! Once you reach sufficiency, you need to lower your dose or you over-hydrate the bowel. I've taken it before for stretches of time and then suddenly had GI issues.
          With food poisoning, it would have lasted longer. Example: I threw up every 20 min. for 9 hours straight when I had food poisoning. I once had very mild food poisoning and didn't throw up but was queasy all day long.