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Looking for heartburn relief.

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  • Looking for heartburn relief.

    I have browsed the posts regarding heartburn and I have read how the primal lifestyle has turned out heartburn problems. However, as I'm really delving into this primal living, what is one to do about immediate heartburn relief? I know it can take months to reverse the heartburn problem, but what do I do until then? I've learned that chewing a probiotic pill can help, however those are pricey and I already take two every night.

    Also: I had gastritis months ago and was given one round of prilosec. A couple months later, I was getting heartburn again, just not nearly as painful. A doctor told me to take Zantac, and that it may just need to be something I deal with my entire life. Unacceptable. I'm only 21, and I do not now or ever want to have a daily pill.