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    Hey All, this is a technical question. I use a Mac and Firefox. On my computer, I don't see anyone's avatar (right now everyone's the PB caveman). On my friends' computers (which is always a pc), not evening logging in, I see people's avatars. Is there anyway I can change this? Thanks for your help!

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    Go to your settings ( and make sure the "show avatars" box is checked (it's a little over halfway down the page). This would explain why you could see them when not logged in, but not see them once you log in.

    If it's more complicated than that, I probably can't help you, haha. =]
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      Use Safari!
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        wow, thx! i'm using a PC w/ IE, but had the same problem. Solved now! that's a weird default to have.
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          Issue: you're using a mac.
          Real issue: try the checkbox attack, if not that, then there may be something else that's blocking it. From your description, though, I think that's what it is.
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            thanks! it was just checking off the options =)