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  • Fitday or Dailyplate?

    Hi all,

    I need to lose about 15 more lbs (have lost 10 so far), and all efforts to that end have stalled. I've decided it would be wise to start tracking my food -- at least for a few weeks -- to see exactly how many calories I'm eating as well as track carb/fat/protein ratios. I suspect I may be eating more carbs than I think, and I'm guessing calories are too high as well.

    Several years ago I used fitday but found I had to hand enter most of what I ate. I switched to dailyplate because they seemed to have more foods in the database. Today I started to use dailyplate and was astounded at how "busy" the page was and .... well, uh... it just didn't seem that user friendly.

    For those of you who keep track online, do you have a preference of the two sites (or another)?

    I'd appreciate any input as it may help me decide which site to use.

    Thanks so much!
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    I use

    I've looked at some of the others, especially since I always see people talking about them and not CC, but when I've tried them, they haven't seemed to have nearly as good a database or interface, so I've just stuck with CC.


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      I've heard is pretty good. I started using even before it became Livestrong so I've just stuck with it because I'm lazy about switching over (plus all my meals and recipes are in there too). I've found they seem to have the largest database as far as food goes.

      However, I agree that it is very cluttered and there are many repeat entries for foods. The ads on the side can be obnoxious ("Lose Belly Fat! Acai Juice"!) so I would recommend using Adblock if you have Firefox.

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          I've been using FitDay PC for a couple years now and really love it. I have very few packaged or brand name items so it works very well for me using USDA listings or making custom food listings.


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            DailyPlate for me.

            I checked out FitDay briefly but prefered DailyPlate (probably because I was familiar with it though)


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              I use fitday but I do find there are anomalies! When I look up some foods which I know contain vitamin D, for example, and I want to find out how much it contains and the answer is 0. This happened with fish the other day - herring had a lot of vit D, salmon I think it was had none! Nor did crab....
              So, when I check my daily food using vit D, I have to assume that I may well have had rather more of some things than it tells me.


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                I, too, use It's really handy that they have an iphone app that automatically syncs with their website. I'm not always at my computer when I eat but my phone is always handy.


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                  I've only tried to use three: dailyplate/livestrong, sparkpeople and fitday. I could never figure out the interface on fitday and gave up after a frustrating 30 minutes trying to enter food. I hated the forum style on sparkpeople. So, I've been happy with TDP/LS for a couple years now...but then, I'm also a mod over there now, so I may be a bit biased
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                    Fitday for me. I think I've had an account for 5 or 6 years.
                    I enter a lot of custom foods. Then they're easy to find again too.
                    I never use it to find specific foods like Breadsauce and the vitamin D. I google for that.


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                      I'm with tooround on this one. I really like Fitday and have added lots of custom foods when FD's nutrition facts don't match what I have or if I can't find it. I'm sure the other sites are good- I just haven't really tried them.
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                        Originally posted by kennelmom View Post
                        I've been happy with TDP/LS for a couple years now...but then, I'm also a mod over there now, so I may be a bit biased
                        Kennelmom, since you are a mod at TDP/LS (which is it - not sure what to call it now?!), I have a quick question for you. I've been tracking there for 5 days or so, and I do think I'll stick with it. It is easier not to switch over I guess. However, part of what I want to see is my total nutrient breakdown -- saturated vs. unsaturated, mineral and vitamins of food, etc. Does TDP do this if I get a gold membership?

                        Also, is there any site that tracks anything as specific as Omega 6 vs 3??? That would be SO helpful to me!

                        Thanks so much
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